Trampoline Championships, Participants Naked Girls Chest

When a bunch of sexy girls jumping on a trampoline, her breasts certainly be the center of attention. Especially if that does not wear topless alias as in a breast cancer care campaign.

The girls who are appearing shirtless in a trampoline championship of the world, which all participants are women who do not wear clothes. You can imagine when you are on a trampoline or bounce boards, the parts which are joined ‘bouncing’.

The world championships were followed by a number of models of this section is not going to be staged in real life. The show which can make the eyes of the man did not blink exist only in video clip titled The Man With the Best Job in the World is made for breast cancer campaign.

Irish comedian Chris O’Dowd became the main star in the video duration is less than 2 minutes. He serves as an expert in charge of health and safety in the championship contest or special trampoline topless woman.

With a convincing style, trampoline and Chris checking everything before the competition begins. Quoted from TheSun, Saturday (08/09/2012), he also gave a briefingon the participants since theywear clothes, until one by one began to jump up and exposing her breasts.

MCAC (Male Cancer Aware Campaign) and charitable foundations that deal with breast cancer, which produces video Coppa Feel deliberately makes the breast as the center of attention. Because this video is part of a campaign on the dangers of breast cancer and the importance of early detection.

Breast cancer is one of the most deadly cancers other than cervical cancer or cervical cancer. In the United States alone, data from the American Cancer Society showed 400,000 new cases each year with 40,000 deaths in 2011.

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