Treating Hemorrhoids with Ultrasound

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Hemorrhoid is a swelling and it is a problem that affects the areas near the anus and usually results in from swollen veins in this area. There are hemorrhoids that occur inside the anus while some happen on the outside. It is believed that ten percent of Americans visit their doctors due to hemorrhoids or conditions related to it. It’s further argued that a whopping ninety percent of Americans will succumb to the problem of hemorrhoids in the life at one time. 

These are enormous figures and they should not be taken lightly. The problem of hemorrhoids is known to affect people above fifty years of age, those with chronic diarrhea or constipation and pregnant mothers. The signs include bleeding, soreness, itching and sometimes there will be a discharge from the affected area. If you are suffering from a minor case of hemorrhoid it is easy to treat it with simple action like change of diet and how you clean yourself after having bowel movement. There are however more serious cases of the disease that will require proper medical attention. In the normal ways procures like hemorrhoidectomy, laser, heat or rubber band ligation, hemorrhoid ultra sound has come up as another way treating the condition effectively.

FDA Approval

The method is also called Doppler- guided hemorrhoidal arterial ligation.  It received approval from the FDA as a proper surgical procedure of treating hemorrhoids in the year o 2000 the month of August. The method was developed by doctor K Morinaga from Japan.

Minimally Invasive

The method is less painful and is less invasive compared to other methods out there. The method uses and instrument called a proctoscope that is inserted in the rectum to pick out the veins that supply blood to hemorrhoid. Once they are identified the vessels are tied to block blood flow to these areas which helps to shrink the tissue thus clearing the hemorrhoid. This method works instantly if you have bleeding hemorrhoids as they will be blocked immediately thus stopping the bleeding.

Quick Recovery

The method takes twenty minutes to be done and one does not get admitted. You will be able to return to your normal operations within the same day the treatment is administered.

Safe and Effective

There is less discomfort associated with ultrasound hemorrhoid treatment procedure is you get to compare it with the other equally common hemorrhoid treatment methods out there. The method also is said to have very minimal complications associated with it if any at all.

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