Treating Warts and Fish Eye

Warts and eyelets are often attacked on the feet, hands and fingers. Some people call it ticks. This disease sounds cheesy and less elite, because it’s someone with a fish eye and or warts are usually shy and not taken any action.

If there is a fish eye ditelapak feels free to shake hands because the hands stand out, or sick to walk because there caplaknya ditelapak feet. (One source from one vent to the author)

Why is this happening? How to eliminate it?

The disease is apparently caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). HPV virus is there some kind of an attack there feet (HPV-1) and hand (HPV-2), specific for HPV types such as that attack cervix, and genitals (genital) is not my kinda scary because they discuss the topic.
Treating warts and eyelets usually with drugs Collomack ®, the ingredient salicylic acid 40%. Salicylic acid works to erode the epidermis layer of the skin so that the layer becomes thinner, until the root eyelets so lost. However, since the patient no longer manufactured Collomack warts / eyelets difficult to treat. Now there is also a formula that makes Collomack, name Callusol ® (abortion is almost the same as Collomack). * Not a wart drug promotion and eyelets *. The price is not expensive.

I have eyelets at the feet but his size already big, whether impervious drug use above?

Eyelets and warts should not be allowed, if the fish are still small eyes can be treated with salicylic acid 40%, but if your eyes are as big as the fish should coin the doctor immediately, have performed minor surgery (minor surgery) have nothing to fear really just a little local anesthetic, a thick layer will be removed and then given a drug that will bandage the wound dry and cured. Can jumping again hehehe. If you want to know more details about the fish eye (Plantar Wart) aja deh here.

Tip 1: If you want to use this drug should first soak your feet or hands or fingers for 15-30 minutes so that the layers are not hard and then gently brush the affected wart, then rub with 40% salicylic acid drugs. Some brands besides drug ring round shape above provides that the medicine is not widened.

Tip 2: Diligent use lotion though still moist and for men it does not hurt to use lotion to keep your feet healthy, not dry and cracked.

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