Trigger Stroke

Trigger stroke.

People with irregular heart rate five times the risk of stroke experience.

Have you ever faced a situation all of a sudden heart skipped a beat, sweating, chest felt squeezed, dizziness, nausea, to unconsciousness, difficulty breathing and fatigue is not haphazard. If this happens you may experience atrial Fribillation problem or situation in which an irregular heart beat is too fast or too slow.

What is scary, no clear signs that can detect problems early arrhythmia or irregular heart beat this. Even people who have experienced five times the possibility of a stroke than those who did not experience it. Term stroke or brain attack, which is associated with more serious problems and the FA is associated with more disability than stroke itself is not due to the FA.

According to Consultant Cardiologist and President of the Stroke Council of Malaysia, Dr Razali Omar FA occurs when electrical signals fail accepted cause of the heart chamber (Atria) beat rapidly and irregularly. This causes blood to meet these spaces. Given the irregular beating he had failed to pump blood to all parts of the heart (ventricles), causing the heart to fail to beat effectively.

“People who have FA, had five times more likely to have strokes than those without FA,” he said when presenting a paper on Stroke associated atrial Fribillation prevention campaign in conjunction with a Mission 1 Million – Deepens Source Stroke.

According to the study, 15 million American adults suffer a stroke each year, 5 million die as a result, while 5 million are permanently disabled themselves. This situation not only negatively affect the financial condition of the country but also involves the care.

According to Consultant Neurologist and President of the Council of Neuroscience Malaysia, Dr Hamidon Basri, a recent study also showed that a total of 5.7 million cases of stroke occur in developing countries such as Malaysia because of the increasing load due to the acceleration of economic growth and transition epidimiologi.
“In Malaysia, 10,000 new cases each year in which 50 percent of them requiring full time care of themselves due to permanent disability,” he said at a ceremony jointly organized by Boehringer Ingelheim, Stroke Council and the Council of Neuroscience Malaysia Malaysia recently.

Type of stroke is divided into two main categories of ischaemia and bleeding. Ischemia is usually caused by blood clots that stick to blood vessels (thrombosis), or by a blood clot-free (embolism). Bleeding also may include bleeding in the brain or in the middle of the membrane between the three membranes in the brain. Nearly 80 percent of strokes caused by ischaemia.

The difference in age for those who experience stroke in the Asia region with the white race is also surprising that according to the study, Asia who have this problem 10 years earlier than white people.

“The situation is very alarming, when he hit the white population in old age, but in Asia they suffered such a young age and productive, and have family obligations,” he added yet another factor increasing the number of strokes due to the habit because treatment delays attacks are not serious and are more comfortable to see healers or self-medicated.

If a more serious attack occurred, it was too late because patients only have three to four hours to get proper treatment. In addition to the factors do not know the early signs, living alone, away from the hospital, traffic congestion and hospitals without the facilities to complete the barrier.

75 percent of patients come late to the hospital, 65 percent did not know about the early signs, 78 percent rely on family, such as waiting for its return, get another opinion and so forth. Stroke took a long time for it to attack, prevention should begin at an early stage, such as physical activity, in addition to adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Info: About the stroke of F.A.S.T
# Face – a smile, if one side seems bent or fallen individuals may suffer a stroke
# Arms – lifting both hands, if there is trouble with one, it may be an indication.
# Speech – tried to talk. If the pronunciation is not clear or can not talk, it is also a sign
# Time – if any of these symptoms appear, call 911 immediately to ensure that patients arrive at the hospital quickly.

Prevent Stroke with:
# Control diabetes
# Control blood pressure
# Controlling cholesterol levels
# Stop Smoking
# Exercise.

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