Use Stone Fruit to Get Rid of Stress

Did you know how good stone fruits are for you? They actually help you get rid of stress. The way I figure it, it is said we should eat nine fruits and vegetables daily. For your fruit part eat stone fruit then perhaps you won’t get stressed or will stop stress already there.

Did you ever hear of a plout? If you haven’t, it is an hybrid fruit of an apricot and plum. I never saw one so they may be hard to find, but if you can find them, buy one to see if you like it. You will be less stressed because it will give you enough energy to get everything you want to get done (with what you planned wouldn’t be impossible). This fruit has Vitamin K which makes your circulation better so that more blood with oxygen can oxygen to the brain and the rest of your body.

Apricots are full of beta-carotene and it can help keep your skin look younger than you are. The reason is explained in the journal, Dermatology. Beta carotene is a nutrient that stops the breakdown of a protein that makes your skin look young and firm. This protein is called procollagen. Besides keeping your skin young, beta carotene helps neutralize the UV waves from the sun, which can cause your skin to wrinkle and sag at too young of an age. An example of this would be that lady that has been in the news for tanning so much she is 48 and looks 80. Don’t just count on beta carotene in the sun, remember your sun block.

Do you want to prevent free radical damage to the fat in your brain? If you do, plums have two things in them called neochlorogenic acid and chlorogenic acid. It also has been shown that those who eat plums increases how fast you learn something and may help put off Alzheimer’s Disease or maybe even prevent it.

Those who are busy taking care of your kids, 4 of them under 5 and feel like you just want to crawl in bed, but you still have to cook dinner? Do you give dinner making duty to your husband and go to bed as soon as he gets home from work, or do you what you should do, go to the refrigerator and to help calm your mind eat a nectarine. There was reseach from Korea that your body doesn’t give out as much stress hormones because of the pectin in nectarines, you should be relaxed in about 30 minutes.

Do you have heart disease in your family? Are you alright now, without heart disease and don’t want it? This fruit I am going to name isn’t guaranteed you won’t get heart problems because a lot of heredity goes into acquiring a heart disease. But it never hurts to try and help keep the disease away from you. What you should eat is a good and juicy peach. The reasons to try peaches are, as Harvard University’s because the fruit has lycopene. Peaches are able to help you lower your LDL or bad cholesterol. It can also lower your triglycerides. This fruit can lower your chance of heart disease by 34%.

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  1. I badly need these fruits!

  2. Wow, learned something new today… thanks!

  3. I’ve never had a plout ;-)

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