Useful Properties of Eucalyptus

Useful properties of eucalyptus known since ancient times. People have long noticed that near this evergreen tree breathe easier, that leaves exude its fragrance, and the roots dried the soil, avidly absorbing moisture.

полезные свойства эвкалипта

As for medicine, have long been studying it truly inexhaustible possibilities of this remarkable plant.

Eucalyptus lowers blood pressure, relieves cough, promotes recovery from some gastric-intestinal diseases, is used to treat wounds and purulent processes, fur uncles.Of course, it does not always completely eliminate the disease, but in most cases, the patient brings significant relief.

The medicine usually used dried leaves used to prepare oil and various liqueurs, alcoholic preparations and powders.

Most of these drugs sold in pharmacies, and some you can cook at home.
In diseases of the nose of an eerie, catarrh and cough well help eucalyptus inhalation.

Take 15 grams of dried leaves, better than the old, crescent-shaped, finely chop, cover with water (half cup) and simmer 4-5 minutes. Then strain it and inhale the hot vapor. Store ready to brew in hermetically sealed glass container.

When hypertension is usually recommended to brew five dry leaves liter of boiling water, a few hours to filter and pour into bottles. This infusion drink two or three times a day for half or a quarter cup.

In conclusion – the most important. Whatever you like to be treated eucalyptus, do not do it on their own initiative, without consulting a doctor.

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