Water Retention Edema

Description of water retention.

Water Retention or also known as Edema is when your body is retaining more water then it should be. When your body is working normally then you should not be retaining water because whatever you take in fluid wise should be pushed out by your kidneys when your system is working correctly.

Water or fluid retention can sometimes just happen for no reason at all and the doctor can not ever find the cause of your fluid retention. When they do find a reason it is most often related to a medical problem with your heart or sometimes your kidneys and if they find that it is your heart or kidneys then they will then treat the medical problem you have with your heart or kidneys.

If you are pregnant then fluid retention is then a quite common thing during pregnancy and is to be expected and is normal but tell your doctor anyway. Some medications that are quite common are also know to cause fluid retention so check your medication information so that you are informed and know about the medication. Also sometimes if you have food with a lot of salt in them it does not have to be the use of a salt shaker it can be regular food with salt in it.

When you visit the doctor with this medical problem then they will figure out why you are retaining water. When they have the cause figured out then they will treat the problem and they most common treatment is with medication for this medical condition.

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