Water Retention is Related to Food Allergies?

There has been recent studies that have suggested that water retention could be caused by food allergies.

A few years ago, I was very upset because I would gain 3-5 lbs every time I would eat normal meals for a day. I felt like I couldn’t keep my weight down. I was also noticing that I would always gain weight around my middle, and that my pants would fit one day and then the next they were too small around my waist. I was able to keep my weight partially stable, although it was very difficult, by eating healthy foods. But still some days the same thing would happen. 

Then I went on a vacation to Hawaii for a month. While I was there I had to eat what was given to me, since I was staying with people I knew. I could feel my clothes getting tighter every day. When I finally returned, I realized I had gained around 15 pounds in a month. That was after gaining about 10 before that. I was heartbroken. I felt like there was no way to control my weight. 

Well, by going back on the healthy diet, I was able to lose about 10 of those pounds, but once again it was difficult with the intense fluctuations that would come from eating a single meal. I had no idea the relationship this had to food allergies. Well one day I came across an article that talked about the relationship of allergies to water retention. I started to recognize my allergies and when my stomach would hurt. I also went to a homeopathic doctor who helped me to get over many of my food allergies. Now my weight is consistent and I have been able to lose 15 more pounds. When I gain weight around my middle, I know it is water retention.

There are a few things you can do if you think that food allergies may be the cause of your weight gain/water retention. #1: Go to a homeopathic doctor. They can help you recognize your food allergies and help you over come them. #2: Acupressure has proved remarkable for curing food allergies. Someone I know cured many of her food allergies with only a few appointments. #3: Take out of your diet almost all foods that you may possibly have an allergy to. There is a diet that focuses on this called “The Waterfall Diet”. I would recommend this diet as it takes out all foods that one might have an allergy to, which allows the body to release all the excess water. However, the author suggests eating soy products like tofu for the first two weeks, which I would not recommend. Because soy is so genetically modified, it is actually a hidden food allergy that many people have. 

There are probably many more options, however these are some that I have seen work for myself and others. I am happy to say that I have lost over 20 pounds to date with this understanding in mind. (Note, this may be why so many low calorie/high protein diets work–because they cut out foods that are hidden allergies. One of the biggest allergies is gluten which would explain why a no grain diet would allow someone with gluten intolerance to lose 15 lbs or more of water retention in just 2 weeks! Surprisingly, it’s been done!)

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