Water Secret for Heart Health

Want to lower your risk of heart disease? Just drink water.

Want to lower your risk of heart disease? Just drink water. Perhaps the phrase is spelled out very simple, but that the results of a study conducted researchers.

The research suggests people who drink at least five glasses of water a day less frequently died from a heart attack compared with people who drink water less than two glasses per day.

 Conversely people who drink other than water are at risk died of a heart attack compared to drinking less.

This analysis is based on a study involving 12,017 men and 8280 women aged 38 years. Six-year study of the 264 respondents died of a heart attack.

The results of studies on this issue mentions the risk of heart attack at the respondents who drank more than a glass a day reduced to 41%. While the risk of the condition in men who consumed other beverages including tea, coffee, juice, milk and alcohol remains a high risk of heart attacks.

Know that in drinking water which will be absorbed into the bloodstream, it can reduce the thickness of the blood vessels, so the risk of heart attack blood clots in the trigger would be reduced.

Conversely other beverages will thicken the blood vessels, because after the digestion of this material will contain the same concentration of blood. different case with medicine and alkhol that can reduce the risk of heart attack but in accompanied by other health problems, while water relatively cheap, easily obtained and not dangerous.

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