Watermelon Medicinal Uses

The juice of the ripe fruit helps in dissolving kidney and bladder stones.


(Citrullus vulgaris) Watermelon, a favorite in the hot summer months, is an annual, monoecious, long-running, hairy vine. The leaves are pinnately divided. The flowers are yellow, single, in leaf axils. The fruit is large, round or oval, deep green or streaked with shades of green. A thick or thin ring of white surrounds the red flesh or pulpy part in which numerous flat black seeds are embedded. The plant is known everywhere, especially in tropical countries.

Parts Used: Fruit and seeds


Medicinal Use

  • A mild laxative
  • Promotes flow of urine
  • Used in cases of rheumatism, kidney problems, accumulation of liquid in abdominal cavity, painful inflamed joints, excessive protein in blood, fevers, chronic bronchitis, pulmonary diseases, arthritis, indigestion, obesity, mouth and throat disease, arterial hypertension and constipation
  • Also for contagious skin disease, kidney and bladder stones, inflammation of the urinary tract and prostate

How to Use

  • If a good quality of the fruit is eaten, it acts as a mild laxative and promotes the flow of urine. It also takes care of all the ailments listed in the 3rd point under Medicinal Use.
  • For external use, the pounded pulp and skin are applied for contagious skin disease.
  • The juice of the ripe fruit helps in dissolving kidney and bladder stones.
  • The seeds roasted and ground, make a good emulsion for the inflammation of the urinary tract. The seeds eaten reduce arterial hypertension and inflammation of the prostate.

To know more on how to prepare and use herbs, visit How to Use Plant Material as Medicine

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