Ways be Aware of Insect Attack Tomcat

Tomcat insects – Today in Indonesia country was startled by a unique case caused byan insect called the Tomcat, you must first hear the name of this insect species. Tomcatis the insects who usually live in fields and tingkatkanya increased when the turn of theseason / post-harvest. and the liquid is very dangerous for the body, the victim isexposed to these insect stings tomcat skin will experience itching and blistering.

Insects form of Tomcat you can see in the picture below, almost similar to the ant, its size is rather large and there is usually a little red and black. Tomcat is like a light sourceso when the evenings are usually the insect will seek out and circled around it when the light source. Tomcat is the first insect stir around the area and according to reliable sources surabaya will spread in the State of Indonesia, especially Java, so we need tobeware.

Tomcat Insects


Victims exposed to insect stings Tomcat liquid skin will blister and definitely itching asringworm disease, even worse, with hot skin.

Then how alert or ward off insects this tomcat?

Dr Tri said the health way to prevent it is by spraying insecticides to kill insects and to avoid direct contact with the insects.

These pesticides are the vegetable which usually contain laos, neem leaves andlemongrass that aims to kill insects that have been disturbing residents Tomcat.

Or it could be the traditional way

Provide young corn, and shredded and then rubbed on the face and body parts arewater stains tomcat. To achieve maximum results need to be done routinely andregularly.

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