Ways to Stop Using Snooze

Using the snooze button every time your alarm goes off is actually not doing you any good. Here’s some tips to help you stop.

Snooze is actually bad for you, as stated here:

Here are some easy tips to help you stop

The most obvious way would to change the snooze setting to don’t have snooze come up when your alarm goes off, if your alarm has the setting that is. It is probably best not to jump straight into this though, try implementing some different tips first and use this a week later because you are not just used to it and might still think you have snooze and go back to sleep with snooze not waking you up again.

Put your alarm clock somewhere out of reach from your bed. That way, you will have to actually get out of your bed to stop the alarm and then hopefully you will be awake, just make sure it’s somewhere like across the room or where you can hear it.

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