What Causes Appendicitis and How to Treat The Condition If You’ve Had an Operation?

What causes appendicitis and how to treat the condition if you’ve had an operation.

Any restaurant food consumed outside of the home in the Gulf region should be critically examined in order to ensure that it is thoroughly cooked and it’s probably best to avoid eating raw salads as often times good hygiene is not observed in their preparation (this generally excludes the five-star hotels in the region). Food that is contaminated may lead to a flare-up in the appendix. The symptoms of appendicitis are usually pain that starts in the belly button region and spreads to the lower right region of the abdomen. Other symptoms include fever, malaise, diarrhoea, constipation and an inability to pass gas.The causes of appendicitis are as a follows: Food Obstruction
Usually food passes by the appendix with no issue, (despite the medical community not knowing why food is in this area). But sometimes, (at least in theory), food can get stuck in the appendix, preventing it from draining as it normally does. The blockage causes undesirable elements to build up in the appendix, resulting in appendicitis.Fecal Obstruction
Fecal obstruction is thought to be one of the main causes of appendicitis. Usually, the fecal matter is very hard, just like it can be with a bad bout of constipation. It is believed that eating a diet high in fiber and making sure your bowels are healthy can help lessen this particular cause of appendicitis.
When it comes to the causes of appendicitis in Westernized cultures, worms tend to not be the culprit, but they are in Third World cultures. The worms block the passageways of the appendix, resulting in inflammation.
Sometimes too much mucous can be produced in the appendix. The mucous binds the cells within the appendix resulting in blockage.
Swollen Lymph Glands
Lymph glands that are in the walls of the appendix can become swollen, resulting in a possible cause of appendicitis. This is because they block the entryway of the appendix, preventing proper drainage from happening. As far as why the lymph glands get swollen, it is usually in relation to infection, such as the common cold or the flu.
Of the causes of appendicitis, tumor growth tends to be rare but does happen. When it occurs the victims are usually the elderly. The tumors can start from within the appendix itself or they could’ve metastasized from other areas of the body.
Infection is believed to be the second most common cause of appendicitis, right under fecal obstruction. What happens is the bacteria invades the appendix, resulting in an entourage of white blood cells trying to attack it. When things are functioning normally, the white blood cells will win, and any by-products produced will get drained out. But when they lose, they will die, resulting in a mixture of pus and the bacteria, which has grown even stronger. In some cases, the appendix can rupture and septic fluid will leak into the bloodstream which could be potentially fatal to the patient.If you’ve had an operation to have your appendix removed and you are in a post-operative recovery phase then the following tips may be of use:
1) Take plenty of Vitamin C as it fights infection. Eat fruits such as kiwis, strawberries, oranges, grapefruits, peaches and red grapes.2) Take supplements of Vitamin E as it works alongside the Vit.C to promote wound healing.3) Take a daily supplemental dose of ‘Lactobacillus Acidophillus’ which helps to promote the general positive health of the gut which can be greatly disrupted after taking several courses of post-operative anti-biotics.4) Borage oil can be used to treat fever.

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