What Causes Pimples

Learning what causes your pimples is the best way on how to cure it.

Here the 5 basic reasons why we acquire pimples.

1. Proper Hygiene

Never forget to wash your face before you sleep. Washing your face not only refreshes you but your skin as well. Don’t you feel very eecky when you lie in bed with all of your makeup in you face? Not cleaning your face will clog your pores and this causes you to break-out. 

2. Stress

Sleepless nights and fatigue also can be a cause of having pimples. Usually, if the pimples are stress related, they will appear on the part near your ears down to your chin. Do not over-use yourself. Our body is healing when we are sleeping so refrain from staying up all night if possible.

3. Your Hair

Dirty hair causes pimples too. When we sleep sideways we sometimes tend to sleep on our hair and if you have a dirty hair caused by pollution and by products that you have used along the days such as hairsprays, it will get in contact with your face thus giving you pimples. This is pretty much noticable when you only get pimples on one side of your face, then you realize that you always sleep on that side with your hair touching your face.

4. Dirty Pillows and Sheet

The same as how you get pimples while sleeping with dirty hair, you can also get pimples when you sleep with a dirty pillow or sheet. Remember that you need to change your pillow cases and sheets regularly so that the dirt will not accumulate over a period of time. Sleeping with your face in contact with your pillow or sheet may be the cause of your pimples. 

5. Your Mobile Phones

Because a lot of people nowadays are always on their cellphone, this can also cause you to break-out. We bring our mobile phones anywhere and we tend to put them ANYWHERE as well. Imagine the millions of bacteria your phone gets everyday. If you think washing or sanitizing your hands are enough, think again. We touch our face with our mobile phones more than with our hands. Clean your mobile phones regularly to keep your face away from dirt and from pimples as well.

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