What Does My Poop Mean?

How to tell what your poop says about your health and diet.

Let’s face it: everybody poops.  And sometimes, our poop varies.  Here are some different types of poop and what they mean.

Bright colored poop- Unless it’s red, indicating some blood in the stool (actually, blood in the stool will most likely be blackish or dark, unless it’s fresh blood), this means you ate something with a lot of food coloring.  Jell-O, Mad Dog liquor, or anything with tons of saturated food coloring will change the color of your poo.

Small, hard-to-pass “pellets” of poop- This means you are dehydrated.  Drink more water and eat more fiber in order to get a cleaner, easier-to-pass poo.

Tons of easy-to-pass soft poop that smells terrible- This can be the result of a laxative, and can also occur with drugs.  If it’s still solid, then it isn’t diarrhea, but most likely this kind of poop will burn going out, and it will be very satisfying to get rid of.  Some people with minor food allergies experience this type of poop when they eat food that their stomach is sensitive to.  Some people get this kind of poop when they eat cabbage.

Perfect, easy-to-pass one-piece poop- This means you’re healthy and everything is going smoothly.  Keep up the good work!

Big, hard, dark poop- This means you’re slightly dehydrated.  Drink more water!

Liquid poop, lots of tiny pieces of poop in liquid, or poop that “expolodes” out of your butt- This is pretty much diarrhea.  Diarrhea can be a reaction to food, but it can also be serious. Drink a lot of water and if it persists or if it’s accompanied by other things, see a doctor.

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