What Happened to The Prick-less Blood Sugar Monitor?

I promise I heard it referred to in an advertisement on television, but I’ve searched for it for days…Here is where my search took me. I had hoped to purchase one for my husband.

One of the things a diabetic dreads is their constant need for finger pricks but Echo Therapeutics designed the Symphony System which is designed to monitor blood sugar without a prick and without drawing blood. It is designed to read glucose levels through the skin and transmit the information wirelessly to a computer or hand meter. FDA approval is/was being sought.

There is a short article written May 13, 2007 by Kendra James, RN. It gives us just four short paragraphs about this prick-less wonder. In James’ article we are informed that the device which is about the size of a cell phone uses infrared beams which penetrate the skin to read the blood sugar levels. Within 10 seconds glucose levels are reads and displayed on the instrument. –

Careful diet, exercise, medication, a doctor’s care and monitoring are needed to keep diabetes under control. Prick-less monitoring could mean a lot to those who have to test once, twice or more daily, but so far the testing is not complete and the funding low.  –

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Testing is one of the most important tools a diabetic has.

Testing is one of the most important things a diabetic does to feel their best and to prevent long-term complications to their health. Your doctor will work with you and advise you when and how often to test. Blood sugar levels may vary and are dependent upon many factors.

Much research has been done on diabetes.

Todd Wallack in the March 14, 2008 edition of the Boston Globe; Franklin Company’s Bloodless Glucose Monitor Passes Test lists other strategies which were tested and scrapped:

·         In 2001 Cygnus gained FDA approval to market a blood-sugar meter worn similarly to a watch. Not only did it prove to be inaccurate but also irritated the skin of some of the wearers.

·         An inhalable form of insulin marketed by Pfizer and Eli Lilly & Co.

·         A glucose sensor placed directly under the skin to allow the patient to monitor glucose levels. It worked for up to a week and then had to be replaced.


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This monitor, pictured above, is the size of a half dollar.. 

Some facts about diabetes as listed at

·         There are approximately 5.7 million people with diabetes which have not yet been diagnosed

·         There are approximately 57 million people with pre-diabetes

·         1.6 million new cases are diagnosed yearly in those 20 or older

·         Diabetes was the seventh leading cause of death listed on U.S. death certificates in 2006

·         Diabetes increases risks resulting in high blood pressure, stroke, blindness, kidney disease, amputation, and neuropathy

·         Diabetes costs Americans $174 billion in 2007

In 2008 Echo Therapeutics, Inc. tested their prick-less glucose meter in the intensive care unit at Tufts Medical Center in Boston using about two dozen patients… and there the story ends…

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  1. Awesome article Judy! So whjat did happen to the prickless blood sugar tester/monitor? Wish they had it around when my mother was alive.

  2. The Quail, I wish I knew. My research dead ended. I hope they are still researching because I think it would be wonderful for those who have to test two or three times daily, especially for the children.

  3. Nice share

  4. Thanks, Uncle Sam.

  5. Anything that can be a really medical break through is somehow shoved somewhere. the items we buy are not built for endurance and break so they have to be replaced. I know I am not telling you where the prickless glucometers went , but our medical help is no where to be found. Sorry for your search.

  6. very interesting, thx for all the info

  7. Roberta, I thought you could find anything online. :-)

    Learnandearn, you are welcome.

  8. My aunt is diabetic and uses pricks to test blood sugar level. I do the pricking and it is sure nice to know that there’s prickless wonders you have mentioned but I think not yet available in our place. Thanks!

  9. Hope. the said device can be fouind. It will be very handy for me who at times had to check my blood-sugar level 3 times a day.

  10. It hurts to see my mom saying ouch!!! each time I prick her finger to check the blood sugar levels at home. I hope there is a solution to this soon.

  11. I learned a lot from this article. Thanks for your research.

  12. This will be great news for diabetics because pricking on a finger can be very painful.

  13. Aileen, I hope they complete their testing and market these.

    Papaleng, my husband tests his 3 xs a day too. I was hoping for the sake of many that this could be marketed.

    Jewelstar, so do I. It sounds like they have done much research, but nothing so far has panned out. ???

    Valli, thanks for reading. I kept looking and looking thinking that if someone had this noninvasive monitor available I would find it. I love researching, but am also a sucker for a happy ending. :-)

    Chan, it would be wonderful news for them.

    Thanks for your support. Take care and God bless!

  14. I know someone who would love to have one of those.

  15. None of the hundred or so research investigations has ever yielded a “prickless” monitor. If you hear on television “you no longer have to prick your fingers,” it means that you can test on alternate sites like the arm or thigh.\, but not that no blood is required.

    Sad to say, so far every report of a glucose meter that doesn’t use blood is either an exaggeration or a lie. Maybe in a few years… (but we’ve been saying that for decades).

  16. Tulan, I think there are many who would love one. I would love to give one to my husband and every other diabetic, but only if they work.

    Weepin’ Johnny, thanks so much for your visit. I heard the words “prick-less blood sugar monitoring”. By the time I got up from my seat in the office to go nearer to the tv my husband had changed the channel. (He is a big time channel surfer.) lol
    So I did my own form of channel surfing, internet browsing. :-)

  17. This is really good. Diabetes runs in my family so this is good for me to know. My father is a diabetic, but he doesn’t check his sugar the way he should.

  18. Nice Share, it deserved a few clicks ( :

  19. The TV show, The Doctors, today they had the CEO of Echo Technologies that showed a prickless blood glucose monitor that will transmit the readings wirelessly to an iPhone or iPad. It’s a system that you first use a device to remove a layer of dead skin, then attach the patch, where it reads the blood glucose levels from the capillaries. The patch has to be moved to a new spot every 2-3 days. It hasn’t been FDA approved yet, but they said it will be for sale in Europe next year and in the USA by the end of next year. Looks promising!

  20. Lisa, thank you for your comment. I appreciate the added information. My husband along with many other diabetics could benefit from this.

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