What Happens to Our Bones in Old Age?

Because of these restrictions, which are also more likely to suffer from different injuries that can lead to a further deterioration of his body.

When you were a baby, which was around about 300 bones in your body. These bones are much softer than normal adult bones are infused together as a bone larger and much stronger as they age.When you have reached adulthood, has about 206 bones strong and healthy. But as you age, the quality of the bone begins to change in many aspects that can affect negatively if she was not prepared for it. In this article you will understand what happens to the bone with age.

• When you have reached the age of 30 years, the quality of the bones begin to deteriorate gradually. There will be a reduction in bone density, which is the amount of mineral matter is in your bones. For women, a few years after menopause, bone loss is also beginning to happen. By the old process called bone resorption is broken down and absorbed by the body. These old bones are replaced by new bone in the process. When you say that the loss of the bone resorption process is supported by the body. For this reason it is less new bone formation to compensate for the loss of old bone.

• Because their bones are very thin and fragile because of lower rates of bone density, various diseases affecting the bone can grow. On the one hand, you can develop osteoporosis, a disease common among the elderly. People with osteoporosis are more susceptible to fractures and breaks because their bones are more fragile than other age groups. Worldwide, osteoporosis causes more than 2 million fractures each year.

• As they grow, their position also changed drastically when the back is bent more and more over time. This is because their legs do not get NOK moisture and minerals that cause the plates become thinner and compressed.

• The joints become stiffer, especially in the shoulders due to mineral deposits. It is difficult to walk or move normally, and now has to move more slowly than usual because of age limits is to give you.

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 In order to maintain power as long as possible, it is important to begin a regiment of weight training, cardiovascular exercise and a balanced diet.It is also very important to be emotionally happy and active, as it will affect their quality of life.

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