What is Progeria Syndrome

What is progeria syndrome
Progeria is a disease of genetic code errors (mutations), specifically disorders of protein (Lamin A) around the nucleus of a cell or other experts say there are errors in chromosome number 1, on one resulting in premature aging prematurely.

Progeria of childhood, or the so-called Hutchinson-Gliford syndrome characterized by growth failure in the first year of life. Seems clearly an imbalance in body size (small or tend to lean), the skin looks wrinkled, delayed tooth growth or even none at all, the ability to move is very limited, and some other features. Typically, the patient is only able to survive until the early teenage years, the average until the age of 13-14 years.

Only, as written above, progeria can not be prevented or treated. All we can do when faced with such a case is fixed to accompany and give encouragement to the patient. Guidance to build self-confidence was badly needed. Not to forget, one main thing in dealing with cases of progeria is patience, because people with progeria have emotions that tend to be unstable. So that our emotions can just go unstable when we face them.

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