What to Do When Feeling Constantly Dizzy

There are many reasons a person may feel dizzy. Dizziness may be acute or chronic. When dizzy, there are things that you should do.

I have been healed of migraine. I had it since college and persisted when I was already working as a professional. Migraine is a common disease and having it is not quite good. There is no cure. You only need to rest because whether you like it or not, the pain from migraine attacks is paralyzing.

This time, it’s not migraine that concerns me. My high blood pressure is. I am very young to have it but mine is stress-related. I believe that being stressful could also mean being afraid of something. Fear is the opposite of faith so I really need to trust God in everything so as to become stress-free. When my blood pressure shoots up, my head aches. Again, that’s not good.

Lately, I have been experiencing dizziness. For more than a week now, whenever I lie down, it’s like an earthquake causes the shaking. This is like me having vertigo. Vertigo is feeling dizzy to the point that if you’re up, you will certainly fall. What should you do when you feel consistently dizzy? First, if you’re standing or walking, sit! You may not die at once if you’re having a high blood pressure at the moment but you could die if your head hits the floor badly when you accidentally fall during bouts of dizziness.

Second, don’t wait for weeks to check the root cause of your dizziness. I have been having this problem for more than a week already. I was thinking that maybe, finally, my blood pressure is dropping to normal and that’s good news to me. It’s been almost two weeks that I have been feeling bad about this and I haven’t done anything. This time, I sked my husband to check my blood pressure. It’s a whooping 160/100! Sublingual medicine came to the rescue. Don’t rely on, “I thoughts”. You need to be sure about feelings or incidents that are new to you.

Third, while on medication, if ever you needed one while being attacked by this illness, pray! It’s still the best medicine aside from laughter.

Fourth, resolve issues old and new. You need to be more and more stress-free. Worrying is always unhealthy.

Fifth, go to your doctor regularly for a check-up. Eat healthy. Live healthy. Think healthy. Always have a reason to laugh and trust God.

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