What You Risk Disease If You Work in The Office?

Workers who spend much time on his chair doubles the risk of bowel cancer, even if after sedentary work make their way to the gym.

A period of 10 years of office work is enough for the risk of bowel cancer to double, says a new study. Worse is that this predisposition does not decrease even if those involved are careful to do sport regularly, as shown in a report published in the American Journal of Epidemiology.

The present study not only to reveal other risks involved in an office job. Previous research has already shown that men who spend most of the day the chair have a 30% higher risk of being diagnosed with prostate cancer compared to those with jobs that involve more movement.

Bowel cancer is a disease with a high mortality rate. In Britain, where every year are diagnosed with this type of cancer 37,500 people, there are 16,000 deaths per year from the same cause.

Other risk factors are leading to the onset diet rich in fat and red meat. Lack of movement also important risk factor makes installation and rectal cancer risk to increase by 44% over a period of 10 years, Australian researchers have discovered, the study authors.

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  1. interesting research and this is a serious kind of disease

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