What’s The Point of Raising Awareness?

Aside from breast cancer and others that would involve the need to check and make sure you don’t have it, I’m pretty sure we are already aware…

I have had cancer. I think awareness movements for childhood cancer and a lot of other things are a load of, excuse my french, bullcrud. I’m pretty sure we know kids get cancer. Spreading around a message on facebook is not going to make people more “aware” of this.

Personally, I’m insulted. If you want to help cancer patients, get out there and help them. Stop wasting your efforts by bugging other people about it. No one is going to donate to charity just because you changed your profile picture to a cartoon, or because you changed your status to “90% of people won’t repost this.”

I don’t want the attention that everyone seems to be clamoring after with these little movements. I would much rather help people silently, maybe even anonymously. It’s not that I would be embarassed, I just want to help for the right reasons. Integrity is all about what you do when no one is watching.

You can bug people and get them to give you some loose change, but no one is going to donate a bunch of money if they weren’t planning on doing it anyway.

Here’s a hint for anyone that supports Kidney cancer awareness: We don’t want you to wear green for us. We want you to GIVE us green.

Want to help? Do something, you lazy conformist.

Please take a moment to read this ad for an important cause.

Did you know that 99.99999999% of people who don’t breathe will die within an hour? Not breathing is one of the biggest killers in the world. Did you know 100% of people who have died, are no longer breathing? Kids, adults, and even pets have suffered from not breathing. The effects are almost always fatal. Dangerous games have been invented by children trying to see how long they can hold their breath. Keep your kids away from this! Please, remember to breathe! Let’s make it a goal that by this December, everyone find fifty people and tell them to stop and take a breath! If fifty people read this and do it, 2,500 people will be breathing!

90% of people won’t repost this because it is ridiculous. 5% of people will repost this because it is ridiculous. 5% of people will repost this because they think I’m serious.

Want to raise awareness? This article earns money everytime someone views it! Spread this link around, and the money earned will go straight into the founder’s college fund, so she can go to a top college and research how often smart people breathe! It might be true that people who breathe have more brain cells. We’ll never know if you don’t tell all your friends about breathing.

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