When The Cells Started to Become Infected

When the cells started to become infected.

influenza viruses cause flu has an incubation period, when it goes into a person’s body. When the body has got the flu? Experts agree that adults have a cold or the flu can be contagious from 1 day to experience symptoms during this period of incubation, the virus from entering healthy cells and interfere with the survival of cells from healthy to have . When the cells have begun to infect, usually show no symptoms.

Only when the virus has spread throughout the body, so any saliva or sneezing issued to contain the virus. Therefore, the influenza virus is easily through body fluids when the virus will spread throughout the body symptoms such as sore throat, a sense of feeling sick and dizzy disclosed. But if there are no symptoms, is less likely to infect others.

If someone has the flu, the infectious period can last for the next 5-7 days. With regard to the children, the contagious period lasts up to two weeks, in general, the incubation period of influenza virus on someone will have a duration of 2 days. In some cases, there were about 1-4 days duration. Therefore, the end of this incubation period of influenza virus is very short, they have the flu is currently the most important thing to do too much liquid as water, juice, soup or other liquids and rest to consume . It ’s very important to help the immune system to fight infections and maintain to avoid worsening the condition.

An annual flu shot is a way to build protection against the flu virus. Although vaccination may not provide protection to 100 percent, but can be prevented so as not to worsen the condition, prevention is another can be done for personal hygiene, cover the nose and mouth when sneezing, eating healthy food that many vitamins and the consumption of water sufficient.

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