Who is Yogi Tamby Chuckravanen of Mauritius

The man of miracle of Mauritius.

Born in the village of “Ti Bel air” yogi Tam by is a spiritual person born with miraculous powers. He is around 50 yrs and receives up to 30 persons everyday in his healing room, everyone with a different ailment. He cures all types of disease including cancer, depression and besides many others.The cure is not a spontaneous one , different from those who say that they can cure instantly. The cure will certainly take some time depending on the gravity of the illness and provided the patient listens and put in to practice what yogi ji says. Certain simple conditions which yogi ji imposes on the patient  like to be a pure vegetarian, abstain from smoking and drinking. This he does to help eliminate maximum amount of toxin , and thus the cure comes quicker. I myself was suffering from uric acid problem. I have been taking a medicine called “zyloprim 300mg” everyday for nine years. If I missed this drug one day , I  used to get joint pain and burning sensation in my kidneys with urinary problem. After 6 months of treatment, twice attending the treatment per week, I got rid of the disease completely. I do not take any drug for uric acid now. Its over four years  that I have quit medicine. Yogi’s method is simple. He treats using energy of his hand. He can see the energy of the aura. He knows what is wrong with you by just looking at you. I have personally seen his raise a boy of 15 years of age called”Manvir” from coma in three healing sessions. He has cured the breast cancer a lady of about 46 years called Urvashi of breast cancer. This lady requires no medicines or treatment now. I can bring you the proof with medical evidence.There are countless number of cures which yogi ji has done. This is not open to any particular religion only, but it is a universal thing and open to all.

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