Why Do Limbs Fall Asleep Easily?

Reasons and treatment for limbs fall asleep and numbness in hands, head, arms, feet, joints, legs and other body organs.

The problem of limbs numbness is growing rapidly among teenagers, kids and obviously in old aged people too. A few years ago we noticed the problem of limbs numbness only in aged people but now a days it become common in all ages, people are complaining about  their limbs fall asleep easily. 

Why do your limbs including hands, legs, hips and other body parts fall asleep at night during sleep or in day time during work? There could be a several reasons for this disorder; the most common reasons of why do limbs fall asleep are as following.

  1. Limbs fall asleep due to pain.
  2. Heard a bad news or face a troubling situation at home or office.
  3. Gripping or holding something for a long time.
  4. During nervousness
  5. Problem in spinal cord or nervous system
  6. Numbness due to cold
  7. Walking a long distance without taking any rest
  8. Anemia with restless feet syndrome
  9. Trouble in blood supply in all body parts due to high level of cholesterol or thickness of blood
  10. It may also assign of some other chronic disease
  11. Body parts fall asleep also if you have toxic materials in your blood
  12. Lack of sleep with a load of manual work

The above stated points are the most prominent reasons of numbness, if your limbs fall asleep easily and the numbness of body parts like hands, arms, legs, feet, etc changing numbness spots rapidly than you must consult your doctor from a complete diagnose. You may also feel a sensation of needles and muscles twitching when your limbs fall asleep, it may be a sign of paralysis.

How to get rid of limbs numbness?

First of all you have to diagnose the cause of your problem, and than start a wise treatment. If you are an anemic patient than you must change your life style and improve your diet like a celebrity diet plan, start exercise on daily basis, take a night sleep of at least 6 hours, avoid junk foods and start morning walk.

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