Why Do You Shiver When You Go to The Toilet?

Ever had that experience before? fter you urinate you shiver? Not becuase it’s cold, but you just do? Well find out WHY.

After a long days work, or a long day at school or university you get back home and the first thing you want to do is take a leak right? Ahhh *shiver*. Have you ever had this experience before? Don’t know why you do it?

Reason 1 – Childhood Experiences

It happens subconsciously, because when some one is young, their brain is susceptible to many changes. Certain experiences such as having an electric shock in water or injuring yourself in enclosed spaces may lead to links of the brain with the toilet envorionment and the known pains/experiences. You may also find ti is because of being claustrophobic or just having your first fears in the dark. A person will remember these experiences, whether they are good or bad and in future will realise that this situation should mean this outcome of pain, fear or shock.

This is why, if you have had any water or claustrophib experiences after going to the toilet you may find yourself shiver out of fear.

Reason 2 – Suffered from Shock

As with above, shock is a major part that imprints a memory within the brain. But severe shock can affect a person even into adulthood. So if you have had shock expereinces, it may be the reason for the shivering. Shock inducers may include electrical, exposure of blood and flesh, family member passing away or just a simple fright by your brother around the corner. Shock generally leads to fainting, so the likiness of it being the cause for tiolet shivering is low, however it is still possible.

Reason 3 – Bad Experience leading to a permanent memory

Bad memories can be caused by shock or childhood experiences as above, but it can also be bad experiences. These are generally events that trigger depression, such as getting the sack, breaking up, drinking, drugs or party’s gone wrong.

But why does it happen exactly?

I have no knowledge on the topic specifically, but I can take a pretty good stab at it. Because of the above things a person will be inclined to notice the two situations are similar. But since there is no apparent aftermath as in pain etc the body has to find some other way to react. That is why I think the body shivers or rather sends a shock that should remind the person or replicate the reuslts. As the body cannot get rid of the memory entirely this is the way the body will react.

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