Why Not to Use Vitoza as a Diabetes Medicine

This is a medicine that advertises to tell you to ask your doctor if you can take it for type two diabetes… thank you!

Vitoza is a medicine used for type 2 diabetes.

It is considered a glucagon-like-peptide-1 (GLP-1) receptor agonist. People with type two diabetes use it to control blood sugar, but it will only work with a diet and exercise.

While I can  help a person, a doctor will only consider it after other meds do not work.

Rats and mice got tumors of the thyroid gland  from the medicine in Vitoza and some of the tumors come out cancerous.

Unfortunately, during the study on it doctors do not know if a person taking this will get a type of thyroid cancer known as medullary Thyoid Cancer (MTC).

or if the human will get thyroid tumors. The problem is while treating diabetes you can die from (MTC) if it is not detected soon enough and treated. Or if you are suffering  from Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Syndrome type-2 (MEN-2) in which a person has tumors in two or more glands on the body.

If you have pancreatitis which is an inflammation of the pancreas be careful if you take this medicine because there is not a lot of information about having it and taking Vitoza.

This medicine should not be taken if you have a family or personal history of Medullary thyroid cancer or have MEN -2.

People who take this should be told how to spot thyroid cancer symptoms. More people who take Vitoza get pancreatitis on Vitoza than on other diabetes drugs.

If you do get pancreatits  your doctor will tell you how to safely get off the medicine. NOTE: It is NEVER smart to take yourself off your medicine yourself, ask your doctor the sensible way to get off of it.

When Vitoza is taken with other diabetes medications like sulfonglureas and insulin you can get a serious case of hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. You can lower your risk by having your doctor your other diabetes dose medicines.

When you take Vitoza you may get nausea, diarrhea or vomiting that will make you use fluids in your body that will cause you to become dehydrated. Even if you have healthy kidneys, dehydration can cause kidney failure in a person.

Tell your doctor if you get hoarseness in your voice, have trouble swallowing, shortness of breath and a lump or swelling in your neck as all can be symptoms of thyroid cancer.

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