Why Swine Flu Will Not Kill You and Your Family

If you’re like the rest of the uniformed at the moment, you may be thinking “oh my god I’m going to die from swine flu.” That is more or less wrong because there is a small chance you will die, very small if you live in a prominent society. Find out why this is wrong, in this article.

This article will state facts and a bit of logic/speculation as to why Swine Flu is no more of a threat than ordinary Flu. For one there is little to no difference in symptoms between Flu and Swine Flu, there is a small difference which is to be expected because Swine Flu is an evolved form of ordinary Flu. Swine Flu isn’t anymore likely to kill you than normal Flu. The most deaths have originated in Mexico, which is obvious because the Illness also originated there. Swine Flu has killed 96 people across the world (As of May 25th) 85 of those lived in Mexico, which is down to poor health care. The people who have died in first world countries mostly have poor immune systems (such as toddlers and old people). The number of the people who have died from Swine Flu in first world countries is 10.

The number of people infected is 12515, there is a mortality rate of roughly 1% (I only have old statistics for the mortality rate and so this is a rough assumption based off of the old percentage which is only 3 days old.) From these facts that I have found scattered across the internet, you should now know that you are in very very very little danger from Swine Flu, I cannot stress enough how little danger you are in. I just hope I have informed someone.

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