Woman Accidentally Has Sex While Sleep Walking

Sometimes sleep walking can be a serious condition.

In Missouri, a 54 year old woman named Karen M. Mokliewiez has a serious sleepwalking problem.  Many of her family, friends, and doctors have been trying to find ways to resolve the problem, but nothing has worked so far.  It became a MAJOR problem when Karen got out of bed completely naked at 3:30 in the morning, walked over to her front door, opened it, and went outside over to her neighbors house.  The woman did this all while she was sleepwalking.  Karen was in such a dreamy, hypnotic sleepy trance that nothing could wake her out of her sleepwalking.  Karen sleepwalked all the way to her neighbors bedroom where her neighbor was sleeping with his wife. Karen, while in a dreaming trance, had intercourse with the man, and Karen didn’t even know it.  The neighbors wife woke up and she had a fit.  She couldn’t believe her eyes.  She started slapping Karen until she woke up.  When police arrived, Karen’s family explained to the officers that Karen suffers from a major sleepwalking condition, and they could get her doctor to vouch for her.  The neighbor’s wife wasn’t buying the idea that a woman could just sleep walk all the way to another person’s house and have sex with someone without knowing that she was having intercourse.

Police felt the entire thing was a bit sketchy, so they took Karen down to the station for further investigation and interrogating.  The family’s doctor came by to clear everything up and to provide proof of her medical conditions.  Many American’s are known to sleepwalk when they are sleeping.  And they don’t even realize they are sleepwalking.  But imagine how deep you must be asleep not to know that you’re having sex with your neighbor across the stress?  Now THAT is an insane sleeping condition.  If you have a hard time sleeping, trust me, your condition isn’t as bad as hers.

- Emily Rogers

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  1. Why the men had sex with her anyways? I think the police officer should treat the situation as a rape. The woman was obviously unconscious.


  2. kind of disturbing but funny

  3. First a funny comment, In Soviet Missouri, Women rape you!
    Now a serious comment, Why didn’t the man stop her? Didn’t he wake up? Why didn’t the wife slap him?

  4. Weird.

  5. I can’t imagine this weird incident, but I am entertained. TY.

  6. What a weird case. I wonder how long it took the wife to wake up.How did the sleeping woman get in the house in the first place?

  7. is this a real story or
    imagination a figment
    f ones combined mind..s
    i wonder

  8. cool..regards

  9. that’s so weird!!!

  10. that’s
    so weird!!!

  11. i think its imaginationnnnnnnnnnn

  12. xD SHES 54 YEARS OLD atleast shes still got it :P

  13. I believe that this woman’s false

  14. its strange

  15. What was the outcome? First of all, she was naked in public, a small crime, and having sexual intercourse in public, considered a crime in some states. So do you follow up with some facts so that we could find out? It would be interestin’ to here.


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  17. this is actually a condition ,having sex in your sleep and is more common than you think. i knew someone whos partner had this condition , she realy got fed up with it as it may be funny. but being woken up and having lack of sleep from being with someone who has this, is a problem

  18. i think the wife should slap her husband instead of her…

  19. Unbelievable

  20. Wow! I’ve never heard of anything like this. What’s up with the husband? Why did he let her have sex with him. He wasn’t sleep walking. He should have stopped it.

  21. I used to sleep walk and was once stopped in time before jumping off the ledge of our second floor house.

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