Woman Dies After Wasp Attack

A woman who was in her 70’s has died and a man has been left injured after both were attacked by a swarm of wasps in Galleywood, near Chelmsford, Essex.

The woman that was attacked, Janette Duncan, was taken to the hospital after suffering a heart attack that was caused after the wasp attack. She did not make it and passed away. The man was also taken to the hospital after suffering from less serious wasp stings.

Woman dies after wasp attack

The attack happened on a Sunday at the Galley wood Social Club around lunchtime. The man and woman attended this club for a drink but unfortunately a passer-by disturbed a wasp’s nest in a hedge by accident and that caused the wasp attack.

Local residents were surprised and in shock due to this incident and how it turned out. One lady did not actually see the attack but she did here a large swarm. Due to the people around the attack Janette was fine at first but then she started to get worse and a neighbor called the ambulance.

According to one of the people aboard the ambulance the heart attack was cause by this horrifying attack. They took her to the hospital by land but also had an air ambulance escorting them along the way for extra safety. The man was also taken to the same hospital by land but did not suffer serious wasp stings.

A spokesman for the Police said that they could confirm the hour that they received the report about the attack of these two people and that it was a wasp attack. They also confirm that the woman did colapse and was taken to the hospital but did not make it. They are also waiting for the Corner’s report to confirm the real reason of this woman death.

Sometimes the smallest thing can cause a huge incident. We need to be more careful with how we treat any kind of insect or animal because anything could happen.

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