You and Rheumatism

You and rheumatism.

Pain in the joints is a major symptom of rheumatic diseases. Therefore, the focus of treatment is to control the patient’s arthritic pain and reduce joint damage, one with pharmacological therapy or drugs.
Rheumatic drugs including the prescription and must be consumed in the long run, even a lifetime. Therefore, people are expected to not carelessly taking arthritis medication because of side effects is not trivial.
“Rheumatic drugs should be consumed in the long run, because it affects the body. For example, damage the kidneys, liver, bone marrow pressure, and so on. Medication pain relief only if it must be consumed frequently cause side effects,”
every two or three months rheumatic patients must control to the doctor to monitor the general health. Usually the doctor will ask the patient to perform a check of blood in the laboratory.
Although long-term consumption, but occasionally arthritis medication can be stopped. “Arthritis is not curable, but it does not mean the disease can not be abated or achieve remission phase. If the illness subsides, the medicine should be discontinued. It is therefore important to be treated regularly so that it can achieve a long remission.

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