You are Going to The Dentist If You Have Diabetes

Visits to the dentist can help diagnose diabetes or prediabetes states because of dental problems are an early indicator of these problems, researchers found the Columbia University School of Dentistry, USA.

You are going to the dentist if you have diabetes

  These conclusions were drawn from a study of 600 patients of a dental clinic in New York, who were not ever told that they have diabetes or prediabetes condition. 

530 of them had at least one risk factor for diabetes.

They have been examined by a dentist and a test to measure blood glucose using a standard device such as that used by diabetics (using blood taken from a finger tip).

Subsequently, more accurate diagnosis, patients have been been made ​​and glucose tolerance test that can accurately identify diabetes and prediabetes states .

A simple algorithm based on two parameters Dentistry – number of missing teeth and percentage of deep periodontal pockets (spaces between teeth and gums, which are an indicator of periodontal disease) – showed that dental examination may be useful in identifying patients with diabetes or prediabetes undiagnosed.

Periodontal disease is an early complication of diabetes, it favors the appearance of gum disease and bone around the teeth.

If there  noted such problems in the teeth, your dentist may recommend blood glucose tests to determine if the patient suffers from diabetes.

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