You Want to Put Coffee in My What?

This article explores The Gerson’s Institute and its approach to healthcare while reflecting on our own healthcare system, here in the United States, and the fundamental flaws in the way we look at food, and pharmaceutical solutions to our increasing chronic illnesses.

Okay, so I am not really gonna do the coffee enema, but Dr. Gerson was on to something, I wish I could remember the oncologist that literally called Dr. Gerson a wacko, so I could post it for your reading pleasure, but alas I am not interested in debating such a rudimentary subject. Eating raw organic foods, drinking juices made from them and yes, the wacky sounding hitch, a coffee enema, or would you opt for Chemo? Um, hello? Is this even a question? The Cancer Society keeps telling Dr. Gerson she cannot practice these therapies in the United States. In fact, no doctor can administer the renowned “Gerson Therapy” in the United States. The diagnosis of cancer in the United States gives you two options for treatment, and niether one is proven to be effective anymore then Gerson’s treatment.. If you get cancer and are told you only have a couple weeks to live the only option is chemo therapy, which is essentially the administration of radiation on purpose, and then there is the other option, surgery, in hopes of cutting out the cancer. Welcome to the United States of America, where food is not medicine, and doctors would rather give you a quick fix pharmaceutical promoted by the latest drug representative rather then having you see a nutritionist.

Actually, I don’t have cancer, but I have a long list of diagnoses all linked to living a stressed out, fast paced life. In the past few years I have had chronic pain, had various neurological symptoms, memory loss, and facial numbness, to name just a couple. I have had chronic migraine headaches since I was thirteen. Later I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, and the latest fibromyalgia, and then the real horror, lyme disease. Did anyone notice that all of these diagnoses are actually just names to describe a wishy-washy set of symptoms with no real cause other then the catch all phrase involving the word, stress.

The last time I went to the doctor I asked to see the nutritionist, thinking it couldn’t hurt to change my eating habits. I expected too much from our healthcare system. Ironically not only did I get a cross look from the doctor, like I was the idiot, but when the nutritionist called me back to follow up on the referral, I was told, “I’m sorry, medicaid doesn’t cover nutritionists.” What? You want to put what in the where? Now maybe I am not the one that needed the enema. Excuse the pun, but what kind of backwards logic is that! Dilate my intestinal track and exit out the back.. I do a lot of research, probably too much, in fact, it’s a hobby, and there is a lot to process, but I stumbled across a lot of life changing ideas, but never has one poked me in the rear, so hit yourself on the forehead, like as this.

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