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New research suggests that diet can activate certain protein in the brain helps to maintainhis youth and health.

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New research suggests that diet can activate certain protein in the brain helps to maintainhis youth and health.

It was found that reducing the number of calories activates genes associated with longevityand makes the brain function should also be longer.

It is noteworthy that previous studies conducted on animals showed that a diet low calorie intake prolongs life and reduces the risk of dementia and enhances memory, but expertsare not sure how this happens.

Now, claims to Italian scientists that eating fewer calories induces a protein called “NCRany P-1″ activates genes related to a longer, healthier lives.

The researchers, from the Catholic University of Sacred Heart in Rome, said that thisdiscovery could lead to new drugs that can maintain the health and youth of the brainwithout the need to follow a strict diet.

Experiments have shown that laboratory animals on calorie restriction by 70% only, whichis written makes the animal live longer and improve his memory and his mental health andbecome less likely to have obesity or diabetes and slow down has the appearance ofaging and mental factors become less aggressive.

On the contrary, it was shown that a diet too rich accelerates aging of the brain andincreases the risk of diseases of aging such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

The new study supports the results of previous studies on the protein, “CR-AB 1″ is well known that a major role in a variety of processes that occur in the brain, including memoryand learning.

Source: The Daily Telegraph

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