Are People Still Facing Discrimination?

Yes they are.

You would have thought by now that this would be a thing of the past and people had since become open minded, sadly that is not the case. Many people are still discriminated against for their race, age, sexuality or disability.

Most of these tend to happen in the workplace, even when there are laws that are suppose to stop people being discriminated against for whatever reason. Perhaps the most common form of discrimination nowadays is pregnant women. Particularly if they work for big companies.

If you are working and pregnant you are entitled to time of work to attend appointments, most companies also offer maternity leave for up to a year. Yet surprisingly this doesn’t always happen. If you work part-time for instance you may not be entitled to maternity leave and your employer may terminate your contract.

The biggest discrimination I have noticed is disability and sexual discrimination. I’ve had friends tell me they feel uncomfortable at work because people will not fully accept them. I personally find this completely unacceptable and am extremely sad that this still happens.

it looks like we still have a long way in society if we truly wish to be a welcoming and accepting of everyone for the way they are.   

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