Derpy by any Other Name Isn’t as Sweet

My view on the Derpy issue.

there has been a lot of discussion about the Derpy issue and how it is bad because people think she is mentally disabled, this isn’t true. Derpy represents the part of us that makes mistake. she is the one of the most loved characters there is!

This is the point I want to make, Even if Derpy was mentally challenged whats wrong with that? It would be a great thing ether way, the fact that she is so popular shows that someone with a mental disability can be great but there are those people the just don’t want that for who knows what reason. I’m not saying that she is but the people who complain about her do.

To the people who are complaining about Derpy here is points to think about

  • because she is clumsy you say she must be mentally challenged
  • because of the way she talks she must be mentally challenged
  • If she is mentally challenged you say she must be gotten rid of (would you get rid of someone who was mentally challenged in real life?)
  • If she was mentally challenged you think that anyone would love her less then any other pony(the answer to this one is no)

To end this i will say one last thing

Derpy is not just any pony, she is a symbol of the brony community that Hasbro has acknowledged, that only thing wrong with her are the people that hate her, they see a problem where there is no problem.

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