Don’t Laugh at the Mentally Retarded

Everyone thinks the mentally retarded are funny, laugh at them, and call them names. It isn’t fair people need to realize what they are doing.

Imagine, someone who barely talks, can’t figure out 2 + 2, gets teased and has no friends. If we were to live a day like that we would see how some special people live each day of their lives. Every mentally retarded kid must deal with that. People don’t understand them so throw them out in the street or put them up for adoption. So no matter how they live, it is all up hill. Mental retardation isn’t very easy to deal with. An individual with an IQ of 75 or below equals mental retardation. They can’t achieve what normal kids achieve every day. Eighty five percent of the mental retarded population has mild mental retardation.

is this really needed?

Ten percent of the mental retarded population have moderate retardation and have an IQ from 35 to 50. If an IQ is 20 to 35 they have severe mental retardation, the second to worst level of mental retardation. The mentally retarded population for severe is 3 to 4 percent in the world. Two to 1 percent have profound, the worst case of mental retardation. Daily skills are barely achieved in every case. Mentally retarded individuals need supervision for daily events such as walking or writing. Often parents get behind in work to help their children. If parents give a blow to the head or a hard shaking it may cause brain damage and mental retardation. If the mentally retarded children aren’t watched carefully they can eat things such as paint or other items that may contain lead and could be poisoned. Parents and caregivers must continuously watch a child who is mentally retarded. If you have a mental retarded brother or sister you might be jealous of how much attention he or she gets. Mental retardation has no cure. Families and therapists who focus on their strengths and limitations can treat some forms. This treatment encourages the greatest possible intellectual and social development.

Kids with mental retardation get special classes so they can achieve individual goals. Family therapy helps the family members understand the nature of mental retardation. If you think you have a hard life think again. People with mental retardation have very hard life and it seems unfair. Someone who has mental retardation may do things a little slower and awkwardly, but they don’t know any different. Don’t laugh because some day you or a family member could be that person who barley talks, doesn’t have any friends, can’t figure out 2+2, and gets teased.

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  1. Who laughs at them? :S
    By the way, good article.

  2. there is a great lad at taunton asda who works his arse off whilst people shout abuse at him, this is totally unfair as he works so hard and is always polite to me and my family

  3. this kid seems like a genius to me. since he cant figure out 2 + 2. how is he going to live with someone if he cant figure anything out wouldnt that make someone piss off.

  4. That kid should be killed

  5. man this kid should be in the trash can where he belongs

  6. what can they do to help the community? ithink by placing them on the stage so everyone can enjoy the show. probably laugh so hard they will piss in their pants

  7. Every human being deserves to be loved and respected. It’s interesting how easy it is for others to pick on the flaws of those who can’t do anything about it. Interesting article.

  8. I think this is a great article. I use to be best friend with a girl that wads mentally retarded. I volunteer at the special Olympics and it soo much fun. If I’m having a hard time all I have to do is look at their face and the make me smile. And i would like to say to people that make fun of them that they need to get and life and they’re only doing it because their is something they don’t like about them self’s.

  9. i laugh because i find everything funny. blind people, religion, deafs, stereotypes because i know there is nothing i can do about it and i just think life in general is hilarious. If i took it really serious there’d be no fun in life. but none of them know i do it, its only in private with my friends when we talk about such things or around people who are sensitive about it.

  10. I laugh at them because I know that God has marked them for hell! :) I show no mercy for the retarded! :) :)

    God Bless

  11. god josh your a jerk what happens if you have kids(which i seriously doubt since that you feel the need to pick on those less fortunate than you so you must be some serious kind of ugly or somethin) and one of them turns out mentally retarded what are going to do huh? and if you really beleived in god then you would know that he considers all life sacred and that no one is marked for hell just because of ther mental status, but the way your talking i think your going strait to hell jerkface!btw that was a great article

  12. Good article. They walk a difficult path and need all the love and support they can get from family, friends and everbody involved.

    Please read my article about my grandson who has a mental disorder, ADHD and intellectual impairment. He will get good help for the latter.

  13. Why is it that mildly stupid people are fair game for scorn, but profoundly stupid people (so stupid it’s diagnosed as an illness!) aren’t?

    NOBODY said that the life of a retard is easy. Why are you trying to take away joy from people who have something to laugh about, just because it might hurt their feelings? (MIGHT! remember they’re retarded, they may not even get that they’re being made fun of)

    I have ADHD, and I have to deal with the stereotypes. I just get over it, and so should they. If you’re looking for someone with a tough life, Darfur, Israel, etc. THE PLACES WITH HUGE PROBLEMS RIGHT NOW!

    Not to mention all of the money drained into their pseudo-”education” (I mostly see them delivering papers and cleaning at school) while the gifted programs are cut! We spend so much money trying to make mentally retarded kids able to perform basic functions in society, while the kids who have the potential to change the world for the better sit in uninspiring classes far below their intelligence levels!

  14. max is right

  15. Hello
    its not fuuny to laughtin at these innocence human
    the down syndromes are not retarded . the retarded ppl are who they think they are smarter than anothers and make joke with these innocence kids . u jerks need a life and fill ur blank brain by respecting all people .So stop make fun with disable people and dont waste ur worthless life by joking anothers !

    bye :)

  16. I love all people: you are not, in any single way possible right. Im not a retard lover, but not a hater. I realize ppl make fun of them, and its obvious why: its so EASY. i dont, and i laugh at every retard lover who says to a retard hater: “NO DEY IS NAWT RET4RDED U IZ RET4RDED ZO FUX U!!1!!11!!!!ONE!111SHIFT111″ Haters are not retarded. lovers are not retarded. downs syndrome is retarded. also, everone that says “ohh shes so beutifal” to a retarded, needs to STFU. im sorry, this is like a 99% true fact, the retarded are not physically attractive. if they are, why are 99.999999999999999999999999999999999999% of them single if theyre so attractive? and gabby, if i have a retarded child, ADOPTION!

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