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Vision is perhaps our most important sense. But it can be aged for many times. In addition it can threaten various eye control against.

A sharp eye is not self-evident: Eye Physicians expect in 2030 about one-third more blind and partially sighted in Germany

The eyes are our door to the world. Through them, we take most of the impressions. A masterpiece of nature, because the optical properties of this organ are impressive. It then rapidly adapts to different lighting conditions, focused within fractions of a second and different colors in several million hues.

Even modern cameras do not come close. Although their development is progressing rapidly, as compared with the properties of the human eye, they do poorly.

Sensitive cameras

For example, in terms of resolution: Conventional cameras have up to 10 million receptors for the perception of light (”10 mega pixels”), a professional unit for about twice as much. The two eyes of the people come together Sehsinneszellen 127 million – equivalent to 127 mega pixels.

However, our visual system is vulnerable to disruption. With some 40 million Germans, the true size of the eye does not match the power of the lens. They therefore suffer short-or long-sightedness, and about 800,000 people flowing from the aqueous humor in the eyeball is no longer correct. The pressure inside the eye increases and if left untreated often cause damage to the optic nerve. The performance of the retina and the lens to take over the years from many.

Due to the aging population are expected to grow to eye problems in the future, says the German Ophthalmological Society (DOG) ahead. About one-third more blind and partially sighted, the experts in 2030. While doctors have already has a variety of technologies and therapies to treat a sick mind. “But above all we need innovative strategies for the prevention and early detection,” warns President-DOG Gernot Duncker.

In the following parts of the series to find out where all faults occur in the eye with which therapies to treat many eye doctors already suffering very well and how to prevent this or that problem.

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