Facts and Remedies of Fungal Infection (An-an)

How to manage Fungal infection (An-an)

     An-an or Fungal infection is easily treatable but the treatment should be complete. A solution containing sulfur or salicylic acid or selenium sulfide can be applied nightly for at least two weeks. Then it can be intermittently applied after that. Effective herbal plants used by old folks include sunting or katanda, in English Candle cassia (akapulco) Scientific name Cassia alata Linn., were the pounded leaves can be applied for several weeks over the skin lesions. For skin sensitively or skin irritation from all these applications.

What your Doctor can Do

      Many skin condition can be mistaken for the ordinary an-an. Therefore, if the there are doubts in the diagnosis, or if the spots will not respond to the common treatment, consult your doctor.

      A laboratory test called KOH wet mount is done by lightly scraping the affected skin and examining it under a microscope to determine the presence of fungal elements. If confirmed positive, you can be prescribe with antifungal creams. Antifungal tablets can be added it the lesions are extensive.

Fungal skin infection in the elderly. Note the scaly spreading borders with clearing in the center.

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