Feelings, Small Feet, and Large Boobs

Just one perspective from having a disability.

Sliding the door open with equipment in tow the routine begins. Pulling back the bed covers they fold the hoist sling in half, place it behind my back pulling it through to flip me over. The beached whale awakes from her slumber. Rolling me to one side they remove my PJ’s. They’ve done it so many times now it’s become second nature. I’m sure they no longer study my pubic hair or gasp at the size of my stomach. Do they cringe when removing my incontinence garment?

Listening to the hoist groan while placing me in an upright position, they plonk me on the shower commode. I wouldn’t like to be in their shoes. Having to help someone else become presentable to the world is a tough call.  They’ve seen so many bodies now that I’m sure mine is just like washing a car – except I have feelings, small feet, and large boobs.

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  1. Looking at a disabled person we don’t often realize the struggle for the very simple things we take for granted. We see the larger more courageous things. This looks at the day-to-day struggle… and those feeling behind them. Looking at those feelings of the caregiver as well. A real wake-up call.

    Thanks Margaret!

  2. Never under estimate the power of human compassion and empathy. It tends to blind good people to the short comings or challenges seen in others.

    This was a powerful piece from the perspective of a disabled person. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. I think that the best people working in the service industry as caregivers still see each charge with caring eyes and hearts. But I do not know how far apart those best are.

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