Pets Can Maintain Healthy Emotions

It has been scientifically proven to benefit a pet’s physical health, reduce stress, and even detect the disease. Some of the animals now also be taken of patients who want to do medical tests to reduce her fear.

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In general there are three emotional and social benefits of having pets.

1. easy to get along

In some documentation of the research revealed that disabled people to use maid service animals have self-esteem and better psychologically than those who live without assistance.

Blind people and children in wheelchairs who have dogs also tend to be more socially active. In general, pet owners are more familiar with each other because they have something similar to diobrolkan, thus they are also easier to make friends.

2. reduce stress

No one can listen to all your complaints unconditionally and without judgment other than “the doggy” or “the cat”. Together we can devote all their feelings freely. They also have an instinct that seems to understand our mood so without being asked to accompany them will be sitting next to us.

Research also shows children who are facing the death of his beloved, a divorced spouse, or those with trauma, lower risk for depression if they keep animals. Playing with pets for 15 minutes has been shown to relieve anxiety and stress.

Sense of love that arises to the funny animals we domesticated, so even those on the master, will lead the process and affect the brain biokemikal. As a result of certain hormones will increase, particularly with regard to a feeling of comfort, satisfaction, and happiness.

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