Us Humans – Learning More About Your World

A little information on humans.

us humans, we strive for greatness and disaster, we love the thrilling adventure and the safety of our homes, to be on the verge of death and to come out on top, to battle to war to lose and to win, we are all the same yet very different, evolution sets upon all of us and we change in great way, yet lose so much. 

our brains slowly evolving, making us more emotional, more depressed more happy and even more confused. what is happening in this world that makes us like this, it evolution 

you look back at your parent young photos, there X girl/boy friend doesn’t look that good looking does he/she, of course not, the human race is getting more and more good looking. why? for sex of course, no matter how much you try to deny it we are all animals who are more roofless then a lion, yet we have people saying animals are nothing like us….. typical, you dress a pig in clothes does that mean he can vote not to be killed? no of course not, the lion gets to eat him why cant we? we are animals i am a animal i accept this i love pork and beef and of course bacon

us humans we strive for lots of things, men we strive for war, the heart racing, we play our xbox and PlayStation’s wishing that the graphic would make the game look more real, wishing that you could do all those flips master chief does in halo – legends or being able to see yourself jump into a vehicle on battlefield, but we don’t understand the existent to what this would be like if it was real, well at least we know we will be ready for war when it hits, but I’m not one of those people who believe gaming is for training us, no way. these gaming companies make to much money to be using it for that purpose

if i said the world was going to end you would not believe me, but if you saw it before your eyes what would you do? think of what would be going through your mind, your emotions, this is what we are

we evolve in way we cant believe or see, i read this story once that had these native people, and it had these rich pale people who lived in a giant dome, Paris was a giant dome and people lived there but these natives these lived off in the desert and saw these people as a threat because they were taking there people, well the ones that went disabled, meaning everyone was disabled razing the chance of having another disabled child, but these people in the domes could not stand in the sun, why? well these people had kept inside to long that there bodies saw no need for resistance towards the sun which meant they evolved 

we are weird creature all in all, but when it comes to stand ageist a bigger threat i know we all will stick together, for the greater good of man kind, for survival and more

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