How Can You Get Rid of ” Disease Shopping”?

Get used to " break " fast pay? Do not know what to do with your girlfriend suffering from ‘ disease shopping "? and psychologist April Lane Shopper Banson will turn into savings bank.

It’s hard to resist the temptation of fashion designers when proposals are so ” attractive ” but that does not mean you should ruin your entire salary on clothes . Ideal would be to have an outfit put together and some savings .

Do you think it’s possible? Psychologist April Lane Benson , author of ” How to buy healthy ” prepared a practical guide to wean yourself compulsive shopper habits .

How ? You just have to find the one among your friends deserve to become your adviser in terms of shopping .

And, as we thought that maybe you re not that far - too - spender , but your friend, I added a few tips you can help to save his salary to a new … ” shipwreck ” PPS .
Find your adviser for shopping

” A shopping advise is the person who agrees to become your lawyer to work with you and help you get rid of addiction to shopping.

How will place the relationship , it will have to decide , as no two relationships between a mentor and a friend Shopaholic ” advises April Lane Benson .

    Choose someone you trust and who do not judge someone for whom you can be yourself . Moreover , you can find more tutors .
    First step: Make a shopping diary - it will be verified by the supervisor , who has the task of identifying the moments when you tend to spend in excess ( deception emotional , stressful day , etc. . ) , Then discover together ways which to replace shopping with other activities (sports , walking , watching coffee etc).
    ” Tutor will be your confidant , one who will tell them what you discovered about the reasons for excess buy ( … ) or what are the costs and benefits of stopping or continuing your unhealthy habit ” leads us April .
    Also with your adviser you celebrate your successes , he will be one that will sustain moral when you step on the next .

Be the perfect shopping adviser

Give yourself as adviser and explain your friend who uses to buy ” no number ” that measures are required :

    First, ” as a supervisor , you will not have to do the doctor or therapist . ll Be enough when it needed to be there with all your understanding and empathy . ll Be a” coach ” positive , open and creative ” recommends psychologist .
    Expect ambivalent behavior , because it is difficult to quit harmful habits . Ill tell you that s convinced she has to give , but on the other hand they have to have a few shopping escapades .
    When her behavior is gonna sound absurd , remember that shopping consistent positive psychological effects short term ( a burst of endorphins ) , so it’s difficult to end it .
    It is vital to be empathetic and not criticism. Better you show understanding and say: ” I realize how hard you feel like quitting it, but let’s think about what you could do instead of going shopping today ,” advises April .
    Support them cheer and celebrate with her all her little successes . Explain and that , depending on the budget , must be limited to a few pieces of clothing or accessories on the moon and leave them on the other for another time.

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