Most People of The World are Brain Washed by?

Delusion and many act confused and have the gall to say, "why?" Religions, alcohol abuse, drug addiction, sex, gambling, TV, an over 60% divorce rate, producing children who are unwanted, and the list goes on and on, yet many act blindly to say the world is a mess???? It is because "few" wish to take responsibility for their "actions."

The world is a “mess.” And it is a mess because I am intelligent human being, and many other “call” themselves “intelligent” but have little regards to living a life that on this planet has become an “epidemic.” DELUSION. If you have ever studied Psychology, you would know that each and every individual is a “universe” unto him or herself for our brains can conjure up anything and everything outside reality to cope with living. Everywhere you turn anymore, their is “delusion.” We entertain ourselves with delusion inducing liquids, chemicals or extracts or physically immerse ourselves in illusions that take us far from the real world within television, movies, phones, etc., etc., etc.

Why the hell deal with problems??? Most on this planet have grown too used to an age technology that most don’t wish to deal with reality. For those who are new to my articles, my life was not always on the up and up to even give a damn about myself, much less anyone else. I was an addict and alcoholic for close to 20 years of my life, so the judgments I make come, not from my head, but “experience.” At one time I close to being condemned to prison for life, for it was evaluated that I was too dangerous to others and myself. After 5 assault charges, and what was termed an addictive personality, society would be better off without someone like myself.

My experiences and my advice are not given but “earned.” The fact that I am very arrogant and stern when I give advice all has a reason and a “past.” At one time, most gave people gave me little hope of being a sober, much less, a productive member of society. This included my “family.” Even at the age of 14 and a half, the suggestion was given to my mother, that I was a violent person and if she did nothing to have me locked up, one day I would kill her and possibly, my sister as well.

My father was an alcoholic. One who didn’t give a damn about his family, so it was pretty much accepted that I would be no different. Being “delusional” came with the badges in my life for it was the cards I was dealt. So it wasn’t unusual for me to turn to dealing drugs at the age of 13. By the age of 17, I was considered one of the most dangerous persons to deal with amongst organized criminals in the area. I was 17 yes, but didn’t look it. I was almost 6 foot tall and weighed about 240 pounds, so generally got my way amongst those I dealt with. Friends used to say, I was the up and coming next Capone and I would either whine up in prison for life or “dead.” My best friend during those days was a capo out of Detroit and hung around with one of their top guns.

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  1. well written

  2. thought provoking and insightful share.

  3. Thanks Sabanawaz, and thanks Girishpuri for your well received comments.

  4. So very interesting indeed. and thanks

  5. You welcome, Elee.

  6. Excellent post. You’ve offered a thoughtful perspective on this topic. Our thoughts are our biggest bother.

  7. So right Realityspeaks. If more of us dealt with actual reality rather than sidelined ourselves with every avenue of escaping it, we could be in spaceships exploring the universe by now

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