Weird Facts About Semen

From a medical perspective, semen is a biological substance secreted by males in order to fertilize the eggs of the females via the sperm-egg union process. Different uses of semen have been uncovered in this discussion; however, some of them are inclined to scientific proofs, while others are purely mythical.

Magical Use of Semen

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From Strickland-Bosavi region, Papua New Guinea, the tribe called Etoro believes that semen provides sexual maturation among the younger men of their tribe. Anthropologists have branded the tribe with notorious remarks of homosexuality. According to their practice, younger men of their tribe need to drink their elders’ semen in order to achieve sexual maturity. To them, semen possesses the manly nature of the tribal elders, and in order to pass down their authority and powers, young men of their next generation must drink their elders’ semen.

Taste of Semen is Related to the Food Men Eat

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Semen’s taste varies from bitter to sweet. According to Bodansky in his book, To Bed or Not to Bed (2005), some women like the taste of semen and others cannot stand it. The semen of different men varies depending on their diets, their cleanliness, and other factors they have control over. Weird, but this can actually be true since the nourishment that the semen contains largely depend on what the body absorbs from diet and other external factors. According to Alman in his book, Doing It (2001), caffeine and red meat, for example, can make the semen’s taste acidic or bitter.

Women’s Anti-Depressant Drug

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Sex is a emotionally satisfying and absolutely to boosting activity; however, I just can’t comprehend the fact of semen becoming an anti-depressant drug for women? Sounds absurd? Well, according to article of R. Persaud of, semen literally makes women “happy”. Gordon Gallup, a psychologist in the State University of New York, led a study dividing 293 female students into groups according to the frequency of condom usage and happiness assessment results using Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) scale. The result of the study reveals that women whose partners never used condoms scored the average 8 on the BDI scale, while those who often used them acquired the score of 10.5 and those always used condoms scored 11.3. Undoubtedly, those who never had sex with their partners yet scored 13.5. Indeed, semen can actually cause such mood change since it contains different mood-altering hormones, such as testosterone, estrogen, follicle-stimulating hormone, lutenizing hormone, prolactin and various types of prostaglandins

Semen is Nutritious

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Many couples have posted so many questions about the nutritional content of semen. Somehow, scholarly resources do not provide sufficient information regarding this topic. However, after thorough research, Johnson and Everitt in their book, Essential Reproduction (2000), and L. Paget in her, How to Give Her Absolute Pleasure (2000), reveal that a man’s semen really does contain high nutritional content. In one typical ejaculation (approximately one teaspoon), semen already contains 150 mg of protein, 11 mg of carbohydrates, 6 mg fat, 3 mg cholesterol, 7% US RDA potassium and 3$ US RDA copper and zinc. Indeed, the semen of a man contains high nutritional value.

Swallowing Semen is a Good Birth Control Strategy

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Fellatio or the swallowing of semen has been linked to the concept of birth control. Initially, medical science did not take this issue seriously since logic would explain that fellatio and oral sex are unquestionable birth control means. However, according to N.V. Benokraitis (1996) in his book, Marriage and Families, as well as, fellatio is rumored to delay fertilization and strengthen the immune response of vaginal secretion against the male’s semen.

Hmmm… although, I don’t think I’d reconsider believing to this. In fact, according to Gagnon and Simon in their book, Sexual Conduct (2005), fellatio only brings metaphors of dominance and male gratification. There is no single scientific proof that can validate the birth control benefit of fellatio.

Though Shall Not Run Out of Semen

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Last but not the least, men literally can never run out of semen. Very true, since men only needs at least 15 minutes to replenish their semen right after ejaculation. According to, there is no need to have sex or masturbate to ejaculation for health reasons. The body can happily cope with unused sperm, with no impact on or sex drive. Meanwhile, in the study conducted by American scientists in among 30,000 men over eight years, those that ejaculated most frequently have had significantly less chances of getting prostate cancer.

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  1. I read on msn a few weeks ago of a study that purported that women whom swallow semen maybe 3X per week at least, have a 40% reduction of the risk of some forms of cancer…

  2. very intresting article.

  3. All the things I always wanted to know about seman but didn’t want to ask. LOL, informative article.

  4. nice article, informative

  5. This is very interesting. I have never heard of it as a birth control before. You should write an article now about different myths or facts about birth control as an extension of this article. I’d be interested to read more.

  6. Thank you so much everyone for your open minded-critiques. For Josey, thank you so much for the suggestion. I’ll be happy to write for you and I’ll make it more informative than this one. Hope my this helps. Thank you so much again for reading. Have a great day everyone. :)

  7. Some excellent information MAG, Well done.

  8. Very good. I admire your style.

  9. Interesting and informative. There are many different facts I never knew (and didn’t need to know) but I found it quite fascinating.

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  13. Though shall not run out of semen? Don’t you mean “Thou”?

  14. but you can actually increase your chance of contracting throat cancer (due to hpv virus of the throat) by swallowing semen.

  15. Fascinating, & kudos to you for choosing and researching such an interesting topic…inquiring minds want to know LOL!!

  16. I think all woman should read , and follow the above research, more semen the better health for them.

  17. Women do you hear? it is good for you…very nutritional!

  18. do girls want to drink semen?

  19. I like to slide-one-off-the-wrist whenever the fancy takes me so my house is covered in the stuff. If someone brought a UV lamp into my home, they’d be blinded.

  20. “3$ US RDA copper and zinc.” should be 3%
    “Though Shall Not Run Out Of Semen” should be Thou Shalt

  21. And it makes your skin miraculously smooth, too…

    But I’ve also heard it can whiten your teeth?

  22. …It’s a trap.

  23. Congratulations, Suggestive Thinking. Just more proof that semen therapy works! How has her temperament and disposition measured up over these six years, in light of her swallowing so much semen?

  24. I do swallow when I can now. My thoughtful and wonderful boyfriend Ryan sent me this article and I like it sweet, like him. =)

  25. Indeed Suggestive Thinking, I’ve noticed your wife not getting colds and sore throats as well.

  26. Actually, it continued for another eleven years (after the six “honeymoon” years) - just not as often. Saturday mornings were a ‘tradition’ though, so it continued at least once a week. Joyce enjoyed the taste of my semen because it was so salty. And, she used to say that my ejaculating (whether through oral or intercourse) kept my temper on an even keel … it seemed to keep me mellower. (Something to do with testosterone levels maybe?)

    Anyway, nice try Homstar, after being married for eighteen years, we have now been divorced for almost thirteen years.

  27. I need to edit my last post … I should have said my disposition, instead of my temper. I wasn’t angry all the time, just a little edgy … and she liked me mellower, so she made sure I ejaculated on a pretty regular basis.

  28. have never tasted the stuff whats it like ive learned from above article about taste but whats its consistency like any comparisons?

  29. Semen Retention causes the creation of magical consciousness .

  30. right on, Zxha.

  31. all this time iv done it because it tastes great….and now i find its good for me! sweet!

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  33. I saw an short movie on Youtube that had some interesting concepts on the potency of semen.

  34. Another benefit sadly not mentioned in this old article is that because semen can help with chapped winter lips..My husband and I participate in the oral pleasures..especially in the super cold winter, my lips kept cracking and bleeding..I soon discovered after oral participation with my husband, my lips was soothed..So, in the winter time I go in over-drive with the oral..and my lips stay smooth and soft..and my marriage is happy and strong!

  35. In my lifetime, I have swallowed over a thousand loads of sperm. I’m a bi married guy in my forties. I always hook up with other married guys through the internet and regularly have them come over and ’service’ them. I’m not interested in anything else and they know that. They don’t touch me. It’s not so much their penises that excite me as their sperm. It’s an addiction. I love the taste of it, the texture, the smell, the feeling of it underneath my tongue. When a man ejaculates in my mouth, I can taste his pleasure and I swallow it. I’m not a doctor, but I think swallowing so much semen is what has kept me healthy and happy, with a sense of purpose. I”m sure it sounds like a really odd thing to confess and maybe it is, I guess.

  36. In addition, it tastes good, feels good and is very fulfilling. Semen is the wonder substance and delicious !!

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  38. It’s misleading to say that semen causes happiness. It is well known that people who have sex regularly report greater satisfaction in life compared to those who engage in it less frequently. It does not come as a surprise, then, that women who have regular sex swallow semen more often. But that does not indicate a causal relationship between semen and happiness. There are no antidepressant properties in semen.

  39. lol i had no idea you can gang your sperm or semen back cuz i realised it sooo much and im only 12 but i have done that soo much its not even funny i though i had no more sperm left but i do lol thanks this is very interesting

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  46. It does help your skin. Ever since I convinced my lovers to eat more strawberries,( TASTES GREAT!,) I noticed my crows feet receding!! Think Vitameatavegimin. Plus guys stray less when they get full service.

  47. OntDOn’t forget that Sperm isn’t ALL good for you. When a man ejaculates, the sperm also brushes out other substances that were not released while urinating.

  48. @ joonie b jones. Are you a cum addict? I’m curious. I have extremely large testicles and must release my load i’ve been saving up.

  49. I drink my own semen as often as I can, but I really wish I could get a regular supply from another man. I am jealous of Jarod, drinking all of that yummy semen from so many men!
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  64. It’s been awhile since I’ve read the comments regarding the swallowing of sperm, but just want y’all to know that my new lady friend is totally in favor of the practice. I told her about my ex-wife not having a cold or a sore throat for over six years, and she said, “It sounds like a winner to me.” And she enjoys it so much that it now happens three or four times a week.

    How fortunate I am …….. ;-)

  65. I take my boyfriend’s sperm any way I can get it, swallowing or otherwise. It’s fluid-bonding and it is very erotic to have pure man inside me. There is nothing more masculine and wonderful than a man’s ejaculate. The taste and smell is enough to drive me wild! Having my man sit on my chest and masturbate into my mouth is something that I enjoy occasionally, it’s like he is feeding me his man juices. I get a load of jizz just about daily in one was or another from my man. I love to give oral until he explodes and rewards me with a big load. Every man needs head. All the time. Men are very sexual beings; I know because I am one. Take his loads all the time and he will be less likely to stray. Don’t be a prude ladies. It’s really important to a lot of men that their partner swallows their load. It makes him feel that you enjoy pleasing him and that you trust and like him. It doesn’t have much of a taste for those of you who may not have tried it. It’s usually a little salty, and I mean a little. It’s not like your getting a blast of salt in your mouth. Every guy tastes (and smells) different. It’s largely dependent on diet. If your man’s semen tastes unpleasant, perhaps too salty, get him to stop eating so much salt, high-fat foods and complex carbohydrates. He doesn’t have to give it all up, just cut back, and increase his intake of fresh fruit. The biggest winner for making semen taste better is… wait for it… Pineapple! Melons are good too like Cantaloupe, Honeydew or Watermelon. And he must drink a good amount of WATER!! No one likes chunky spunk, plenty of water (avoiding diuretics like coffee and tea as they dehydrate you) will keep his sperm nice and watery, which is good. Men, avoid eating too much meat, nuts and dairy products. Hope this helps clear up some stuff for people. Keep swallowing!

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