Explaining Depression Part Two

Please read Part one first
Symptoms of Depression, How to recognise it. How to deal with it.

If you think your suffering with depression. Then you should always go see your GP or counsellor. Sharing your thoughts and feelings is always the first step to recovery. The second step to recovery is helping yourself. Then of course no one knows you better than you. You are the best person for the job. Please remember depression does not just disappear in a month or a year some people can have it for life, however you can help yourself just by keeping your mind active and your body healthy. Here are some self help tips which I have also used to help myself.

Don’t isolate yourself away. Get yourself out the house even if it’s just for a short walk on your own.

Write down how you feel. Talk to a close family member

or friend you know you can confide in. They may not be

able to understand you completely but it’s always good to talk

about the way you feel.

Don’t avoid bumping into people and having a conversation

be brave and face your fear , remember they are only human like you.

This will also boost your confidence.

Exercise is key to not only a  healthy mind but also a healthy body.

Even if it’s just a twenty minute walk or bicycle ride a day.

Choose something you like and stick to it.

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