10 Benefits of Tamarind

You should try adding tamarind to your daily diet because tamarind has many health benefits that are sure to keep you healthy and improve you overall health.

People living in tropical Asia, the Caribbean and Latin America know that eating tamarind means eating healthy. The tamarind casually consumed in these regions has many health benefits for those who eat them. So, the next time you cruise the Asian supermarket aisles make sure to pick up a few of theses treats.

The tamarind fruit is encased within a brown pod. Inside the pod of the tamarind is a soft, brown pulp with hard-coated black seeds. It is this pulp that people eat to get all the nutritional and health benefits of the tamarind. The pulp of the tamarind has a very sour taste while it is young, but as it ripens the pulp gets sweeter. Though the pulp will sweeten with age, the tamarind generally has a sour, acidic taste.

In countries such as Jamaica, Mexico, Aruba and India, tamarind is mixed with sugar and sold as sweets or snacks on the streets or in local shops. Snacking on tamarind or eating tamarind jelly or other tamarind- related products can be very beneficial to your health. Tamarind is a rich source of vitamins, fiber, potassium, magnesium and other nutrients necessary or good health.

But among the many nutritional values and health benefits of tamarind, quite a few of these benefits stand out, namely that:

  1. Tamarind is a good source of antioxidants that fight against cancer. Tamarind contains carotenes, vitamin C, flavanoids and the B-vitamins
  2. Tamarind protects against vitamin C deficiency
  3. Tamarind reduces fevers and provides protection against colds
  4. Tamarind helps the body digest food
  5. Tamarind is used to treat bile disorders
  6. Tamarind is a mild laxative
  7. Tamarind lowers cholesterol
  8. Tamarind promotes a healthy heart
  9. Tamarind can be gargled to ease soar throat
  10. Tamarind applied to the skin to heal inflammation
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  1. Thank you for this information. Eating healthy is important.

  2. I always enjoy tamarind juice but never knew the health benefits of it, so thanks a lot for the information.

  3. I love eating the tamarind flesh

  4. Very good stuff, it’s so tasty!

  5. Thank u for ur info

  6. Is there a scientific article or some study confirming this?
    I always feel tamrind produces lot of heat and may be the cause for dry skin. My observation only. Bcoz it was part of our diet from generations.

  7. nobody can deny the benefits of tamarind i always enjoy tamarind of any kind and i do mix the tamarind paste with pure iranian honey taste good and i manage to overcome flu,fever,and i hardly been attacked by disease my complexion improve i even use tamarind soap..pimples gone and what i have is clean radiant face

  8. I’m from Honduras, and recently got chickenpox, everybody is telling me to drink lot’s of tamarind juice (boiled pulps). It really does help soothe my stomach!

  9. Are you aware that tamarind is the first item banned in Aurveda at all occasions? A detailed research is to be carried out.

  10. Wow! I didn’t know all of the benefits of the tamarind. I used to eat when i was young in Puerto Rico, and love and enjoy the juice still…

  11. Hey!! I heard tamarind is not good for health, which blocks red cells in blood especially for pregnant womens.Anybody pls suggest me whether it is true or not?

  12. WOW! I never even knew Tamarind existed. I feel a bit stupid now - though less so after your article. I went to Aruba twice and didnt discover it! Too much time lazing on those beautiful beaches me thinks!

  13. …yummm just had tamarind jelly (…love the taste :) …and wondered if it does any good…and here i came across the healthy benefits.. Thanks

  14. I’m an expat living in the beautiful Philippines and throughout the day I eat tamarind strips…I had no idea it was so salubrious. Someone told me it helps with lowering blood pressure too!

  15. mmmm eating a tamarind and chile covered apple..

  16. I am a sour food snack addict and Tamarind is the ultimate fix.
    I am looking to incorporate into my cooking instead of just eating it plain. Some recipe sites suggested mixing it with sugar, soy sauce, garlic, and ginger. Use that as a baste or maranaide on your favorite meat.

  17. Have it as a soup! Google ‘Rasam’ - it’s an Indian soup which uses Tamarind ‘water’ as it’s base. Delicious!

  18. i think tamrind is very good deit if you want to have boob or have constipation problems.

  19. are you serious? i always tamarind is bad for health esp. for women..b/c it increases heat in the body…my parents are from india and indian ppl trst me knw alot abt ayurveda and stuff, and imli is considered to bad for health, its supposed to be used to create taste in some recipes but ppl should use it occasionally


  21. You find a lot of those trees in Curacao N.A. ( the caribbean) and they are delicious.Recently I was there and couldn’t get enough of the juice.

  22. Tamarind is grown on almost every island in the West Indies, including Barbados, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago. Children eat what is known as tamarind syrup, made with brown sugar, water and the pulp from the tamarind. For the adults pepper and salt is added to this for a spicy finish! When it is ‘in season’we eat it all the time.

  23. Awesome stuff! Just finished a packet of sweet, sour and spicy tamarind I bought from a Thai shop.

  24. yes tamarind is good for you..tamarind juice is also good. all you have to do is put a couple tamarind strips in hot water for about an hour and keep it contained to let the juice seep out..then simply strain the seeds and extra pulp and there is tamarind juice(sugar can be added to make it more bearable if needed)

  25. i never knew all this and i grew up around tamarind loving it, but i knew that it helps as a laxative and skin inflamation. I had the chicken pox when i was 8 and my parents made me have a bathe in tamarind water and it eased the itching(like calamine lotion would) and it got rid of the chicken pox scars too:)

  26. im eating tamarind candy now..=) i really love this eversince my childhood days! im originally from Philippines and now living in NL. One of my favorite tagalog dish is the “sinigang” that uses tamarind to make the soup sour..yummmyy im going to make it this evening ;) thanks for this article it enlightens me on the nutrients we can get in tamarind!

  27. ive been eating tamarind for years.. and out of the blue i seach to see whats the benefits of eating it..i didnt know none of those ten points

  28. my aunt gave my uncle tamarin to suck after he suffered a stroke,it pulled his face straight too.he reovered fully.since then my mom always suck on atamarin.i want to know does it really help aperson who suffers from a stroke?

  29. I manufactured tamarind products such as candies, sauces drinks, syrup and now developing a tamarind wine. under the CHEF ERIC’S BEST FOODS.

  30. Well…Is it good for pregnant women..???

  31. So, Today, I decided to make Tamarind water. It was delicious but after two small glasses my stomach started a storm and i had to rush to the restroom.

    Is Tamarind that much of a Laxative? I remember drinking Tamarind when i was little and don’t remember ever having this problem?

    has this happened to anybody here?

  32. I took this juice and bang my girl for 1.5 hours straight, but could not cum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. i reAlly lovE eatiNg and dRinking tAmarind. It wAs so fAbulous.

  34. My kids like tamarind so much, but i didnt know its health benefits. Its so great!

  35. hi i would like to use tarmind for my kids lecuderma if any one who reads this post can send me tarmind and paserola seeds please mail me at thanks regards bilal

  36. Does tamarind cause joint problems

  37. Hi there,
    i love eating “Tamarind”, can you tell me how many pieces shall i eat per/day? does this replace benefits of eating oranges? My question is that if i eat “Tamarind” … is that ok if i dont eat oranges?

  38. For my tennis elbow, I was given internal medicines
    by a good ayurveda clinic. i mean ayurveda medicines,
    but i was banned fromj using tamarind or lime in any form in
    my food. Is there a specific reason. Pl advise.

    My email I D

  39. Hi Debbie here i\’m from the caribbean and yes it is included in BBQ sauce, gives a nice tangy flava in fact they sell some in the supermarkets now, if you were to buy the pulp (seedless tamarind) mix it around in sugar and roll it into litle balls, it makes a great treat for the sweet tooth. Also us being kids long ago the seeds were collected to make bean bags :)

  40. hi yasin here from india mumbia . i hv been told by a known person in india that if u drink tamarind soaked in water after ur dinner before going to bed it helps in reducing body fats and u can lose weight . if that true can u tell me more abt its benifits

  41. Thanxxxxxxx…I love Tamarind!!!

  42. I am from Tanzania, East Africa, I was suffering with constipation problems for quite some years, tried some laxative medication, but the problem was not ended , one day (sometimes april, 2010) my colleage introduced to me tamarind and
    I decided to make Tamarind juice. It was sour and delicious but after one glass(20 minutes later) my stomach started a storm and i had to rush to the restroom. So, since that day, i am using tamarind juice( home prepared) in every meal and have solved my constipation problem. I am now enjoying food !!

    I remember chewing Tamarind when i was little and don’t know the importance and its health benefits, thanks for this useful article.

  43. five piece of prunes and a table spoon of tamarind ,put in a glass of water ,keep it as for two hours, do not shake,take half of this in other glass mix it with other any juice or simply add more water in it ,drink two times a day it is excellent antioxidant.

  44. thanx for the advise. my wife has excessive constipation please suggest more remedies

  45. I am from india, I love tamarind rice with coconut chutney which is favorite food of tamil nadu, South India.

  46. Tamarind, originally indigenous to Africa but migrated into India and southeast Asia, has been used medicinally in Ayurvedic Medicine. The pulp, bark, and leaves from the tree can be converted to teas and strong tinctures, which have also shown the ability to eliminate fluorides,lead and mercury through the urine.

  47. Yeah,thanx to nature for this marvelous crop.

  48. what is the procedure in making a tamarind juice
    pls. tell me so i will try!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. mmmmmmmm!!! eating Tamarind Toffee .. its so fine and tasty….

  50. I loveee tamatinndds so its great to know that its healthy tp eat

  51. it is the taste to close the eyes and eat

  52. It is very interesting I did not know about all of it, thank you very much. I just bought to put in water like lemonade and soup.

  53. Where did you get this information?

  54. I was born in Mexico and tamarind was always been part of my life. I’ve always loved EVERYTHING tamarind from the fruit, to tamarind water (agua de tamarindo), and the spicy or sweet tamarind candy. Then, I got introduced to cooking with Tamarind by a Thai friend, and it became a favorite in that regard once again. Till this day, it’s still my favorite fruit!

  55. pls i need to know, tamarind is used in northcentral nigeria to help pregnant women from giving birth to babies who are very big. pls confirm if its a healthy drink for a pregnant woman

  56. I enjoy making and drinking this delicious juice. You can blend the tamarind green or ripe, mix with brown sugar amd cracked ice. It is so delicious that you will want to drink one glass and then another,

  57. Some posters are warning against heavy usage of tamarind so I will go easy. I’m in West Africa and pratically everything here is natural. I made Tamarind juice today. I simply took a ball of Tamarind I purchased from the market (very fresh and more tangy) I put it in cold water and with my hand worked the fruit until I removed all the pulp from the seeds. I removed the seeds, strained the juice, and boided it for ten minutes to purify. After I added ginger and vanilla flavor like 1/4 tsp and 3/4 cups of sugar and refrigerated. I used a liter and a half of water to prepair. You can alter the recipe to your liking by added more water or less sugar.

  58. I am from Jamaica. My mom used to use the fruit to make a delicious drink. Thanks for sharing this information I never knew how beneficial this was.

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