10 Great Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

There has been much talk recently about the health benefits of green tea.

I’ve researched and discovered some sources about losing weight, diets and obesity. I used many medicines which are completely made up of chemicals. At the end, I turned back to the traditional treatment since I thought that those chemicals damage my liver. During my researches I discovered the benefits of green tea. Please do not confuse green tea with black tea which everyone drinks daily.

Ancient Chinese people knew the benefits of green tea for health. They have always used it for medical purposes. However, in Ancient China, it was used especially against the headaches and depression. Green tea has a great importance in China history. It is produced from the leaves of Camellia Sinensis by some special processes. Unlike black tea, it has little amount of caffeine which causes to insomnia, nausea and frequent urination.

This is the list of benefits of green tea which I’ve found during my research.

  1. It is used to treat multiple sclerosis.
  2. It is used for treatment and prevention of cancer.
  3. It is used to stop Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.
  4. It is used to raise the metabolism and increase fat oxidation.
  5. It reduces the risk of heart diseases and heart attacks by reducing the risk of trombosis.
  6. It reduces the risk of esophageal cancer.
  7. Drinking green tea inhibits the growth of certain cancer cells, reduces the level of cholesterol in blood, improves the ratio of good cholesterol to bad cholesterol.
  8. It is used to treat rheumatoid arthritis and cardiovascular diseases
  9. It is used to treat impaired immune function. .
  10. Some researches show that, drinking green tea regularly may help prevent tooth decay by killing the bacteria which causes the dental plaque.

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  1. Green tea helps me not to have acid indigestion. My mother also drinks it to aid in digestion.

  2. Im drinking more tea now, i dont want to get cancer :)

  3. drinking green tea makes one healthy - and beautiful - it also keeps the skin clear and glowing.

  4. great article [:

  5. dranked my first cuup of green tea ever today, i want to be thinner and have clearer skin :[

  6. green tea helps me to look beautiful..I drink 3-4 cups a day at most…it keeps my skin looking good and keeps me super slim…

    I love it.. :)

    Its a miracle drink…try chinese brands, they the best,the green tea with mint is ultra nice…Enjoy Guys.. :)


  7. I love green tea! I have been cured from Colitis for two years now and I know that green tea had a LOT do to with it!! I drink two or three cups a day.

  8. Rose green tea is wonderful. You can either buy it or make your own from fresh rose petals.

  9. it’s really true! drinking green tea can make you slimmer and exert more energy..stress-free! beauty ever! plus affordable, swear!!!

  10. Great article.
    I think I’ll discover many such gems in the rest of your site. Cheers

  11. My first visit to your blog and I find a post about my own addiction of choice!! (In fact I just wrote a bit about how PG Tips hooked me in when I was very young…!)

    It’s true, isn’t it? All these chemical compounds are to be avoided - we really do not know their very complex effects/damage. (Ok, we’ll allow aspirin…)

  12. i am drinking green tea right this moment!


  13. Yeşil çayın gerçekten bir sürü faydası var. Kilo vermek için ideal çözüm. Yalnız biraz uykusuzluk yapıyor

  14. i tried my first ever cup yesterday, and i cant stand tea, green tea is better than normal tea, but i still dont like it, but with all the benifits it claims to have why not drink it?

  15. Is there a specific brand the might be better then others?? I really need to lose about 15 pounds and have major stomach and digestive problems. Most of the weight that I get is water retention. The bloating is uncomfortable and painful. Please tell me that Green Tea really is a good remedy. I have started drinking it at work and the brand I think is celestial…Thanks for some input?

  16. Great research!

  17. I’ve just started drinking green tea for immunity booting purposes. I was told to use the loose leaf tea, it’s the best quality. Also, I’ve bought the brand that has the browned rice in it and that’s made green tea more palitable.

  18. Thanks for the great article!

  19. Green tea can even help prevent tooth decay! Just as its bacteria-destroying abilities can help prevent food poisoning, it can also kill the bacteria that causes dental plaque. Meanwhile, skin preparations containing green tea - from deodorants to creams - are starting to appear on the market.

  20. Geen tea also helps keep your breath fresh!

  21. I am drinking “iced green tea” now, sweetened with lemon.

    It totally keeps me slim.

  22. Yes! indeed ! iam taking a cup of green (ten ren) brand now!
    its makes digestion better and feel good sipping it HOT!!!

    Try one!!

  23. i love it i have had all diff kinds of green tea but it gets addictive but who cares if it makes you younger and slimmer then im all for it lolol

  24. I love green tea! This is my first year trying it and I’ve been keeping up with drinking tea every weekday during work. It’s helped me maintain my eating habits and kept me stress free. Not to mention it helps clear my face and its amazing hot with a spoon of honey!

  25. I have been drinking green tea for years now.I like to drink it as a chilled ice tea.

  26. Today I had my first cup. Lipton. Eww, I almost gagged, but with all the benefits I’ll keep drinking it. Is there a certain brand(s) that are healthier for you?

  27. ive had many different green teas. some are repulsing others i find taste awesome.

    as for the clear skin, don’t start drinking it thinking it will clear you forsure. everyone’s skin is different you may find it has no effect depending on the severity.

    but its good and you got nothing to loose :)

  28. I usually drink at least a cup a day of green tea in the morning with some rose buds. I find it really good how it makes such a great starter to my day without feeling bloated.

  29. Just started having green tea few days back,it taste so good,
    could any one tell the healthier brand which can be used for weight loss?

  30. i use to drink green tea once a day preferably after a meal and i think it really helps to maintain a healthy weight coz i was in really good shape before. i stopped drinking it since i got pregnant and had a baby now i gained weight. so i guess it’s time to start with my green tea diet again.

  31. I love green tea! It’s not only delicious, but beneficial.

    I was unaware of these benefits.

    Thanks for the facts!

  32. I just started drinking green tea and also have quit smoking for approximately ten days and I can honestly say, I have been feeling much better than 10 days ago.

  33. I’ve replace my usual cup of cappucino with green tea everyday now and i’m feeling more energetic than ever before. Thanks for the info.

  34. I found that green tea can be a bit bitter but if you wait till the water has cooled a little before adding the tea , the bitterness disappears and it is delicious, especially with lemon.

  35. I started drinking green tea this week as I started a new diet to lose some weight. I am amazed how the green tea has helped, I am not hungry at all, I don’t get starved feeling between meals. I have been trying to drink a cup of hot green tea with honey before every meal and its working! Can’t wait for the other benefits of green tea to kick in!

  36. #15? You asked about digestion/bloat/water retention etc…

    Try going raw in your eating habits, adding green tea but also slippery elm root (comes naturally in powder for sprinkling or teas). I have found this combination essentially eliminates my boat and digestion issues. It takes getting used to eating raw and at first, may actually bloat you a little. But once you continue this eating and get used to it, that subsides and the benefits are endless! Adding green tea (instead of coffee) is a way for x-coffee drinkers (like me!) to get their caffeine fix. Only better, you get in a more natural form and get the green tea benefits, which as you read here are endless. As for the green tea and face issues, I haven\’t had acne etc.. for years. I did develop it since using green tea but it could be it\’s clearing the toxins and will subside. Haven\’t been drinking green tea long enough, so we\’ll see. Will try to report back! Good luck all and best wishes! warmest, Christene LeDoux

  37. Everything is ‘completely made up of chemicals’; a well known example is pure water: H20. Seriously, everything is composed of chemicals even the purest substances!

    Green tea is great, I drink at least a cup a day & have a daily green tea capsule from Holland & Barrett.

  38. Thank you for your research and great info. I have drank green tea occasionally but will now have it on a daily basis.

    In response to #15…I too have digestive issues with IBS and GERD and I have been changing my diet for over a month now. I am properly combining my food and the symptoms are decreasing…no bloating, gas or indigestion. For more info on this way of eating visit There’s no limit as to what you eat but when and how you combine the food. Great information and help!! FYI

  39. In response to #37, hydrogen and oxygen are ELEMENTS not chemicals. Seriously…

  40. thanks for your research we always used a cup of green tea in brekfast lunch and dinner

  41. duuuuude… tea is amazin… benefits are amazin.. just drink it. Nike it and just do it!

  42. There’s only one other thing I drink other than green tea…WATER! I drink green tea all day long and then switch to regular, room temperature water.

  43. green tea is beneficial but everyone’s body is different, you may not get all the benefits. Try other teas as well for what ails you. If green tea doesn’t help you lose weight then you may have other issues like hypothyroidism or an anxiety disorder. In the latter, chamomille and valerian may help you lose weight more effectively because they’ll reduce your stress. Try many teas for three weeks at a time and see if you notice a difference. Our bodies react immediately when the right tea or herb is administered.

  44. Yes great article! I’ve been drinking green tea for awhile now. Great stuff! I love it with some honey although I’ve been trying to cut down on the amount I put in. I think this is my new “coffee drink”, I stopped drinking coffee altogether and now just drink tea, juice, soy milk and water. I’ve always been interested in the benefits so thanks again for posting this!

  45. I work with a Vietnamese man at work and he bought me a big box of green tea (100 tea bags) from an oriental store. He said to drink it very hot morning, lunch time, and dinner time. He said it will help you to lose and maintain weight. I’ve been using it for 1 week now and have lost 4 pounds. I’m reading that it helps treat rheumatoid arthritis. I have RA, so I will see how I feel with continued consumption.

  46. green tea is great! i used to have 4-5 coffees a day, now i only have 1 coffee when i wake up, then during the day have atleast 3 cups of green tea, starting to build up to 4-5 a day though, im from sydney so a good honest brand to buy here is called T2, its great! google it! (
    I would seriously stear away from major commercial brands like lipton or twinnings as they make ewww tasting green teas, AND dont waste time with tea bags, they are junk, loose tea is the better way for having tea, and use warm/hot water just before boiling point, about 60-70 degrees is the proper way.
    Drink up, green tea is absolutely fantastic! :)

  47. YEAHHHH!

  48. I am sitting here drinking my first green tea [diet Snapple].
    I usually do not like tea, but this is not bad and it tastes even better knowing that it is apparently so healthy! I think I feel more energetic and healthy already! [I do not like hot tea at all so I cannot go along with Ethan #47]
    How much green tea should we drink per day?

  49. I just began drinking brewed green tea today in hopes it will help me with the 30 lbs I need to loose. I am also trying to find how much Green Tea to drink a day

  50. Yama Moro yama is my brand of choice

  51. I haven’t been sick at ALL since drinking green tea 3 years ago. I sometimes feel something coming on but then goes right away. Something is DEF working.

  52. just starting on the green tea journey and enjoying it along with exercise.think il try the loose tea with lemon sounds goooood

  53. It’s my favorite…a teaspoon of honey, a packet of stevia, and a splash of nf milk. I stay focused and upbeat even in dreary weather. It’s great for appetite control too.

  54. Warning about milk. It neutralizes some of the benefits of tea and coffee. That may be why the brits, who love milk in their tea, don’t seem to reap the benefits of heavy tea drinking.

  55. I understand everyone is different, but just wondering, if I only drink one cup a day, should I get any of the health benefits?

  56. get Arizona green Tea. I personally think its the best kind. its in almost any store also. really good price and its completely all natural, no artificial colors, no preservatives and no artificial flavor, which most other brands have all of those. good stuff.. i drink them everyday.

  57. im british and i been drinking tea for long time but about two years ago i lost my flat and my vietmanes friend let me stay with him and his family and they should me green tea from asia.. wow! now that is all i drink. i don t drink in a cup i drink in a pint glass with lemon..its the only drink i really drink part from the odd soft drink now and again





  60. i have just tried green tea today as i dring way too much fizzy drinks and actually think i could get used to it. also i have 5 stone to lose so anything that may help even a little is worth a try

  61. I have been drinking green tea for about a month now. Not every day but most. I take a mug with me every morning to work. It is amazing how it controls my hunger and gives me energy. I also quit smoking about a month ago. I haven’t felt this good in a long time. Could anyone tell me how much green tea I should drink? I only drink one cup a day.

  62. I have been drinking green tea for more thn 3 yrs and it has changed my face glows,hair shines,acidity problem is solved and my allergic cold is gone..i drink more than 3 cups a day and i buy from
    They give good service and pricing is quite reasonable
    Teabags are convenient too!!

  63. Im drnking 2to4 litters green tea every day because my g pa drunk green tea since 18 century. when I was 6 years old i had cup of green tea in my hand.

  64. my life is a green tea. ten to fifteen cups a day I know benefit of green tea.we have green tea since five parent in age of 90 to 95 alives without any medical.

  65. lost 4 stone after i started drinking green tea!!!
    didnt believe it would tho.

  66. i drink green tea :) and Honestly, it makes u addicted to it, cause i am :)

  67. owh yeah, i drank/drink TUPPERWARE GREEN TEA ;D IT IS GOOD!

  68. pg tips green tea bags are really nice - go get some

  69. drink green tea with blackstrap molasses .

  70. i’ve been drinking green tea for a while now.

  71. There definitely are some benefits to drinking green tea. There’s no clinical data yet that supports the claim for Parkinson’s, but there’s some anecdotal evidence. I drink green tea nonetheless . Thanks for sharing!

  72. After reading that article and all the comments I’m going to have to try it out! I’ve exercised and dieted for years and I know how hard it can be. If green tea is going to be the thing to curb the appetite and raise my metabolism then hey!..may as well drink it! :)

    Thanks for all the great info guys!

  73. Helpful tea.

  74. I drink 2 or 3 cups every day. It’s also good cold with ice in a tall glass with either a lime or lemon squeezed into it. You might want to add sugar unless you are brave like me, but this is very refreshing in the summer.

  75. “I found that green tea can be a bit bitter but if you wait till the water has cooled a little before adding the tea , the bitterness disappears”

    Because green tea has a lighter flavour it is easier to taste that the tea leaves have been burned. Hence the bitterness. You should always let boiled water cool for a few minutes before adding to any tea bag or tea leaves.

    As for brands for green tea, for plain green in a bag, Stash is quite honestly the best. It seems to be available in most grocery stores now and you can purchase online ( Now if you want the benefits of Green Tea but don’t like the taste I would recommend the Tetley. They have an Earl Grey Green Tea that tastes just like regular Earl Grey and their Mint Green Tea is quite pleasant.

    Of course overall I’m partial to purchasing loose leaf from my local tea shops.

  76. For anyone who doesnt like the taste of green tea, but wants to drink it for it’s health benefits, I recommend buying a flavoured green tea. I bought tetleys blueberry green tea bags the other day and they were was awesome :)

  77. thanks for the info.. i have pimples and i just started drinking green tea this morning when i browsed the net to its benefits..i’ve read it helps to remove skin problems.. jope to see the effects after 1 month..

  78. LIPTONS Green Tea CITRUS is by far the best tas ting. It comes in an economical gallon and is also available in DIET. In reading all these posts, I can’t believe no one has mentioned the most obvious; it keeps you “REGULAR”, like clockwork every morning!

  79. I drink Jackie Chan’s Green Tea. It has 8 times more antioxidants than regular brewed green tea

  80. Had my first cup of green tea today, tried to have it without sugar (yuck) then added a teaspoon full of sugar (still no help), I didn’t really like the taste but I can deal with it to be a healthier woman! The only real drawback was that I was a bit sick to my stomach after I finished it, we will see what happens with my 2nd cup :)

  81. Since I stopped having green tea, I have been having joints pains and my doctor has referred me out to a Rheumatoid Arthritis specialist. I will resume green tea intake because I now know of its health benefits.

  82. is diet lipton green tea ok?

  83. diet lipton is good to drink but try regular green tea for the most benefits.

    I have hot tea every evening. try Bigelow brand that stuff is awesome. Or chinese brands. Best way to end the day. =)

  84. Love it..Since I start drinking green tea …I never felt better each day.

  85. Great article! I was actually wondering if any one had any advice on what type of Green Tea I should drink. I’m 22 years old and my mother died of cancer at a very young age so I especially like the cancer prevention in the Green Tea. I don’t have much money to order a special kind and I actually prefer the cold/iced green tea. Can anyone suggest a good cold green tea that I could find at a local grocery store? Right now I’m drinking Arizona Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey, is that a good one? Do I get the same results with a cold green tea or is more benefical to drink a hot freshly brewed tea? Thanks for you help.

  86. will the green tea pills give you the same benefits as to drinking the green tea


    Thank you so much for this definitive list. I made a promise to myself to drink lots of green tea this week! :D

  88. It is also believed to make a woman more fertile.

  89. Green tea is great … try the green tea with Chai flavours in it ( herbs such as cloves, cinnamon etx…) makes it taste yummy.

  90. is tea high in antioxidants or am i making that up anonymous

  91. it is high in antioxidants. That’s why tea is notorious for being the hot drink of choice when someone gets sick.

  92. hi, i take a cup or two of green tea in a day, how much do you recomend in a day.

  93. Actually Green Tea is so bad. If you want to really improve your health, then try eating only fatty foods. I recommend burgers, cheese, and tons of other beef products for the slim and awesome body.

  94. I’m drinking bigelow mint green tea right now:]
    this stuff is the shizzle. it makes me calm. it’s just so delicious!

  95. green tea cold or hot? which is the best??//

  96. wow……….

  97. I have been using a new company to buy my green teas. they only sell organic products and at cheap prices, especially for organic teas!

    Organic Teas by LeafSpaLeafSpa brand organic tea, organic herbs, and organic spa products - over 200 varieties of USDA certified organic tea products available now.

  98. well am not a tea person however my personal trainer sugested that i drink green tea without any sugar and i must say it taste really good am on day 2 of drinking green tea and i am only drinking one cup a day so ill will keep you all posted i got it from a local grocery store here in canada

  99. I love my green tea warm not hot. Wait for at least 10 minutes for the tea to cool down and the warmness is just right. I use Japanese Green Tea - Sencha. It’s bittersweet, lightly flavored. Add a hint of honey if preferred. Its wonderful to drink it in the morning. I’m 27 years old and I’ve been drinking this for 8 years now. People still think I’m 20 years old or younger. Keeps your skin glowing and maybe looking younger (as for me). Love it. Happy Tea Time! Enjoy.

  100. drink green tea twice daily.1 cup in the morning b4 brkfast & 1 aftr dinner it realy workz 2 reduce weight.
    best of luck;)

  101. is it good to drink green tea in the morning with an empty stomach?how many times do i need to drink it to cure my acne problems……helpp!!

  102. Never tried drinking green tea on an empty stomach. You can try eating something light with your tea. Maybe banana or a granola bar if you don’t like eating in the morning. Good Luck!

  103. Excellent article. Thanks for this great research. I certainly can use some lower cholestrol. Thanks again.

  104. The BEST Green Tea drink ever:

    purchase flavored green tea such as jasmin, orange, or other fruity green teas. Allow tea bag to soak in a cup of hot water for several minutes- get tea to get nice and strong.

    Pour tea over ice, then add about 1/4 cup limade.

    Peet coffee sells Lime/Jasmin Green Tea… is fantastic.

  105. i have just poured a green tea, drank it, then poured another one, then i drank it, then i poured another one, drank it then i turned green.

  106. Will the gel caps work just as well as drinking the tea? Personally, I’m not a big fan of tea, but someone told me it came in pill (capsule) form as well and I just bought some!

  107. I have recently started drinking green tea everyday about 10 cups per day. I began to see remarkable results about one week in. I am bipolar and always have a lot of stress. I was a drinker who drank every day atleast 7 alcoholic beverages per day. I also had an uncontrollable appetite. I have seen my mood stabilize and my desire to drink diminish greatly. I have gone without a drink for an entire week at a time. I am able to handle stress better and control my diet much better. I currently consume about 10 to 15 servings of green tea per day in addition to other forms of tea also. It has been a miracle drink for me!

  108. Thanks for your research, my swim instructor told me to drink atleast 4 to five cups daily, its great for losing weight. My Aunt lost a bunch of weight just from drinking Green Tea. What does it take for me to lose the pounds. I work out, on the Alli Diet and now Drinking Green Tea. 25 pounds to and I should be fine.

    Hope this does the trick!

  109. Not to be harsh and insensitive, but we don’t have to be in fear over cancer. What we fear will come upon us. If we are scared we are going to get sick, what happens? We get sick. What’s the first thing we say?, ‘I just knew I would get sick.’ That ought not be. In God’s Word we see that we can have faith in His promises. Just like fear opens the door for those unwanted things to happen to us, faith opens the door for God to bring the things we do want to happen to us. That door to the promises of God is Jesus. Either way, I appreciate the article and hope this truth helps someone, and the green tea article above was helpful. Thank you.

  110. im only 21 and diagnosed with soft muscle cancer, it was aggressive and i was going along with treatment. i began to drink green tea every day and improved my diet, my cancer has entered spontaneous remission. my tumour has shrunk by 50% for no apparent reason and im going to be fine. drink green tea everyday. i owe my life to it


  112. Wow Alex. that was a tad rough to JoIII. But, be that as it may, I agree with you about green tea being a great step for people looking to have a healthier life…. I cant honestly say that it has had any effect on my weight over the years though I no longer suffer from colitis and my skin is ultra clear and glowing…fwiw

  113. If you really want the benefits of green tea dont drink either flavored or tea bags, it has much less antioxidants and catchins than the original non-flavored tea. Research it if you dont believe it. A more beneficial tea is White Tea.

  114. I am drinking Lipton Green Tea and usually took one or two cups daily but i made Tea from Tea Bags. Is making green tea from Tea Bags is beneficial or Not?

  115. Trader Joe’s Blueberry Green Tea!

    Boil water, add about 4 tea bags, pour into a large pitcher, add Agave Nectar (natural sweetner), a little lemon and let it cool in the fridge. It’s thee most delicious, lemonade/iced tea there is and you’ll be drinking it like crazy!

  116. I never knew how many benefits green tea has! It makes skin clear & gets rid of cellulite (for women) easy remedy! Prevents Cancer? wow its great and it tastes great

  117. I love it!

  118. I haven’t tried it yet, but with those benefits it sounds like I should.

  119. I’ve been working out for a month and a half now. Tried drinking green tea for 1 week. I sweat 3 times more than before with the same intensity of exercise. My weight loss doubled in that week. Green Tea will really boost your metabolism. So if you have a choice of what to drink . . . why not take green tea instead!

  120. i am using green for about one week but i didn,t searched about the benefits of green tea,after reading this article i realised that it is amazing.i just want to say that those people who are asking that how many cups they should drink i think it is better that drink it 3 timeS a day and it,s better to use green tea leaves instead of using tea bags.
    thanks for this article and thanks to all those who shared their comments.

  121. Green tea has become the latest weapon in the war on weight. Oprah is a recent enthusiast, vowing that she’d trade her coffee for green tea when Dr. Nicholas Perricone told her she could lose weight simply by making this substitution. But does it really work?

  122. I work hard outside and used to chew tobacco when I was younger. Now I buy a higher grade Osphrey Gunpowder green tea and place it under the lip just like snuff during the day. I enjoy it this way better than drinking it. Just wandered if anyone else has tried this method.

    PS Gives a better breath, solves energy and depression, makes skin clearer and less wrinkled, helps in digestion I attest, assuming I’m gettin other benefits also.

  123. I love green tea and love reading about all the health benefits. A friend of mine gave me a huge bag of green tea which I keep in my desk and just realized I need to drink it a least 3 times a day which I will. Happy tea totaler!

  124. right this very moment, i have my pitcher of Green tea in my hands. I have many skin problems and i am banking that drinking Green tea would help me to have a clear skin.

  125. Acabo de tomar mi primera taza de green tea and I like it! so, voy a seguir tomandolo to see if I can loose at least 10 libras.

  126. Im having a big mug of green ta in ma hand right now. lol! Im hoping to shed some weight. my gandmom advice me to drink as much green tea as possible every night.. hmmmm will let you guys know when green tea does its magic to me :) hehehe fingers crossed.


  127. hey people is it necessary to drink green tea HOT??? reply =(

  128. i am drinking green tea as i am reading this article Lol!!!

  129. Well to answer some of the questons here:

    You can have as much green tea as you want….there are no side effects or any issue with drinking lots of green tea……For added benefits , add honey and pure lemon juice to your glass…and to clear some misconceptions….you GOTTO exercise as well to lose weight…..Green tea alone will not do it for you….but it surely surely helps….

  130. When I started my diet back in October of last year, first I cut out all my soft drinks and switched to sports drinks. And took fast walks during my lunch breaks instead of just sitting around.

    Not MUCH better, but a little and I never liked Diet Soda so that wasn’t an option. That helped for a while, but then I plateaued at a certain weight, still wanting to lose more (healthy weight loss goal, I’m not being ridiculuos here.)

    Then I decided to switch to just water. Kept the walking (though I do more now in less time because I’m getting faster). That worked a lot better weight wise but I felt SO tired. And my insomnia that I hadn’t had for years was coming back. (WTF? I’m having less caffiene and I’m exhausted but I can’t sleep?! Makes no sense.)

    Now I drink Green Tea (my favorite is Green Tea with Passion Fruit, but I’m drinking today Green Tea with Chai (still decaf), a splash of milk (2%, switched from whole but anything lower tastes gross to me) and honey (dissolves better than sugar and I can’t have aspartame, so….)) and I wake myself up an hour earlier to do (gentle) stretches. Then I have a green tea (which I’m brewing during the stretches), brush my teeth then get ready for work. It has DEFINITELY helped my appetite. I still grab a granola bar before lunch but small, frequent meals are better than big heavy ones. It is strange how the Tea both wakes me up when I drink it in the morning and helps me sleep through the night when I drink it before bed. Weird.

    But very cool.

    And I’ve now lost 23 pounds. I passed my goal by 3 lbs and I’m still losing, average out to about 1 and a half pounds a week. It’s slow progress, but definitely better for me than being impatient, I’m sure. Now I tell people I’m still on a diet (to maintain my wieght, I worked hard to get that weight off I don’t want it back, thank you very much) and they say I don’t need to be. ^_^ Way better than when people asked when my baby was going to be due… ugh…

  131. Try honey, definitely tastes better than the sugar.

  132. I notice many of you commenting about the taste. I don’t really like the taste but don’t want to add any calories/fat by adding sugar, etc. This is my trick…I fix my tea (from tea bags) before I go for my walk, put it in the freezer so it will cool, and then down the tea when I get home. I drink it fast so I don’t have to really taste it but am still getting the benefits!

  133. don’t forget that green tea has caffeine in it - more so than coffee apparently, especially tea bags, but if you take the caffeine free tea bags - you are getting less than a third of the benefit of teh antioxidants

    i have green tea and ginseng that has raspberry juice to flavour - very nice :)

    it does seem to give me a bad tummy in the morning though

    i have lost weight since starting to drink it but i have also changed my diet and exercise a lot too

  134. I read an article that said drinking decaf did not decrease the health benefits. I do not like to drink too much caffeine so I drink decaf green tea. I drink about 32 oz. a day. I love it!!! I recently lost 20 lbs by increasing my exercise and going on a low carb diet. I wanted to take the summer off of dieting but was scared I would gain my weight back. I added green tea to my diet and exercised the same amount and I have maintained my weight loss. (even after days of eating DQ ice cream and Cici’s pizza buffet!!) So…it really has not helped me lose more weight but it has helped me maintain what I have lost without depriving myself of the foods I like once in awhile!! I want to lose 5-10 more pounds so this fall I am going to go on my low carb diet again and I can’t wait to see if it comes off faster with green tea then it did without!! I also notice I have been much more regular!!

  135. ok, upon further reading, it does appear that the decaf process takes away some of the health benefits however you can up your intake of decaf to get the full benefits as regular. I may switch to regular and see how I do.

  136. I try to drink atleast 2 cups of Lipton Green Tea everyday! I was a bit skeptical at first but i have seen changes in my weight and health since then!

  137. Drinking green tea with lemon or lime in it is even more helpful.
    In despite people’s opinion lemon and lime are alkaline not acidic.
    The famous master cleansing suggests it even for ulcer.

  138. very beneficial.

  139. Green Tea is so Amazing that it…

    Helps you Lose Weight… Promotes good heart health…Helps protect against diabetes…Lowers cholesterol…Strengthens bones…Reduces heart attacks…Bolsters your immune system…Improves your memory…Prevents skin damage…Sharpens your mental focus…Improves circulation…Promotes younger looking skin…Helps with good digestive health…Helps prevent arthritis…Soothes stress…Removes toxins from your body…Is antibacterial…Helps prevent cancer…Protects liver function…Calms the mind…Relaxes the body…Aids in maintaining healthy eyes…Prevents sun damage…And helps heal lung damage!

    Green Tea Cures 147 diseases!

    Get a Magic Green Tea Recipe by visiting my website!



  141. yes you should drink it hot as cold tea is not usefull

  142. Ive Been Drinking Green Tea All Day!!!!! WEEEOOOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  143. I am in remission from colitis. I tried everything finally started drinking green tea daily 2-3 cups a day and I am in remission over a year now and I feel great. Green tea is the best I get from starbucks unsweetened no water so it is stronger because they dilute w water and 1 splenda. The other green tea I suggest is fresh and easy brand its dark and no sugar you get more of the benefits when its darker.

  144. Thank you very much for your attention to my article.

    I have a website

  145. The Disease of 21th Century: Vitiligo

  146. I ‘ve been taking Green Tea Tablets 225 mg for 3 days now does this have the same benefits as the drink? I do feel less hungry and have more energy.

  147. I have been drinking green tea 1 -2 cups a day for almost three years now.. In all honesty I have not noticed any of these so called benefits. My skin is not any clearer, I have not lost any weight and my breath certainly is not any less smelly when I wake up. I drink it because I enjoy the flavor.

  148. Wow, It made him speak in Turkish!

  149. i just love tea in general. seems to me an english thing, and coffee, an american thing. drinking a cup of tea is wonderful, as my late grandma showed me. but please, no sugar and/or cream. runis the taste, man!

  150. That is good to know. I\’ve had skin problems for too long. Thanks

  151. Always prefer Organic Green Tea it has 300% more benifits compare to regular green tea.

  152. Just started drinking green tea and GF always adds a little fruit slices to it.

  153. Love green tea. Dont know about the benefits but cant wait to find out!Gotta have lemon in it and gotta have it ice cold. Can’t stomach it hot.HAVE STOPPED DRINKIING COFFEE!!!!!!! I was a 4 cup a day coffee drinker. Cream and sugar can pack on the pounds. No more. Its green tea for me all the way!!!

  154. I am glad

  155. HOW! I NEEEEED TO KNOW HOW TO MAKE IT~!!!!!!!! HOW~!!!!!!!!!!!

  156. Hi, can we have a chat? cause i am doing a project on benefits of green tea and we are finding some real life testimonials . (: do contact me at

  157. eating healthier and exercising will probably work better than drinking tea

  158. also, green tea helps reduce pimples.

  159. I almost certain that green tea is just as beneficial cold as it is hot. I don’t see how a change in temperature would affect the benefits. Indeed, matcha green tea is a powered form and many people add cold water to the matcha and then whisk it up. Dr. Andrew Weil is a big proponent of drinking green tea this way. In any case, I live in Texas and it’s too hot to drink green tea hot in the summer. I’ve been drinking about 32 oz everyday (and running my normal 3 miles) and I’ve shed 6 pounds in 3 weeks without even trying. I eat whatever I want and often have second servings. However, I only eat out once a week and I only drink alcoholic beverages on the weekends. But I honestly believe the green tea has helped me in major ways. I would say that half of my weight loss is from it.

  160. evet dogru bende katilyorum.

  161. Great article. Thanks so much for sharing. I’ve been drinking green tea for 20 years now!

  162. when is the best time to drink green tea does anyone know??
    Oh also does it inhibit iron aborption??

  163. Green tea is made even better by the many flavors contributing to its refreshing taste. Among these flavors are the Vanilla, Mint, Jasmine, Sencha, Jasmine Pearls and even Gunpowder. There should be one that fits every drinker’s taste and preferenc

  164. I just love Green Tea but can you specify how many times can we take green tea in a day..??

    Can more Green Tea may harm your body..??

  165. After reading all you guys have to say abt Green Tea….i think i need to have da first cup of my life now !! ;)

    Wish me luck !! ;)

  166. I presently take coumadin - 22.5 to 25 mg daily. I do believe that my medicine to control epilepsy contributes to the large daily dose of coumadine required to control or prevent deep vein thrombosis (clotting). Someone mentioned the benefits of green tea in preventing thrombosis (blood clots). Is this true? If so, my level of coumadine could possibly be lowered by drinking the green tea. I have read pros and cons on the benefits of hot tea vs. cold tea (supposedly non beneficial). Which is best? I am an ice tea drinker /:.) ! A recent change of medication - Keppra seemed to cause weight gain. Finally, is there a recommended amount to drink? Does sweetner hinder?

  167. I did go through the 10 benefits but Does Green Tea helps in loosing weight!!!

  168. Green tea has given me alot of energy and not the jittery kind like coffee does for me….i have lost weight. i feel better also. i am only 20 years old

  169. Go green! Drink more tea and save the planet!

  170. what’s the brand of tea the Vietnamese man brought that made you lose 1 week?

  171. i love green tea its a great way to lose weight and actually kind of brightens up your day.

  172. we market the greentea produced in himalayan range of nepal


  174. Make green tea a part of your everyday life.
    Go go go.. Green!!

  175. green tea is fine, but not too strong. I also very like red tea.

  176. great article, my mom last weeks liked green tea and I am very happy, she is 58 years old and I think she need to drink green tea to strong immune system and for better health

  177. The environmental technology engineering firm I work for does a large amount of business China (for obvious reasons!) and the green teas many of our clients bring as gifts and our employees bring back are extremely good! The varieties are extraordinary.

  178. you recommend fatty foods like burgers? what is your problem? Either you’re a complete moron or you’re just being sarcastic. Either way, your comment is bogus and unappreciated and unnecessary…you come across as a stupid dork.

  179. Took three cups of green tea last night with honey and i feel as alright as rain.

  180. I drink Bigelow green Tea with lemon atleast 3-4 times a day. Its reall good and refreshing. I dont add sugar just the hot water and Tea Bag.

    I was also wondering if ther is any other brand that I coudl try that wil help me with weight issues?


  181. I drink Twinnings Green Tea for many years now. It is costly but it really helps maintaining my weight and blood pressure as well.

    You may try it too.

  182. I started to drink Slim Tea and Green tea about 1.5 years ago, and I’ve lost almost 20 pounds…. Of course, in addition to some exercise and healthier eating.. and prayer ;) But honest to God, green tea has helped me a lot. :D

  183. Hi,

    I used to have lots of tummy trouble (acid and pain after eating, etc). I stopped drinking espresso + milk in the morning and switched to green tea. Tummy problems gone, and I am losing weight and finding my beauty again. It helps one to eat as little as is healthily possible (that is the real reason for the weight loss, I’m sure). But I noticed that the weight loss really started happening with more intensity after I started drinking the green tea. I drink at least a liter or more a day. good luck!

  184. Green tea is a healthy beverage, but I am worried about its quality, if it is not so clean, the pesticide and other pollution may cause harm to the health. Therefore, we need to drink the early spring tea.

  185. How about the butter tea in Tibet? Is it good to health? Anyone knows…

  186. In Pakistan people are addicted of tea but there are only a few who are aware of the miracles of green tea. People show resistance to switch from normal to green tea but after knowing the magics of green tea one must think to add it his life.
    AICR’s most recent international conference unveiled new findings on the cancer-fighting power of green tea. Research now shows that a major component in green tea may short-circuit the cancer process more extensively than scientists had realized.

  187. Wow!! This is great information! Will green tea help get rid of the pimples on my genitals, or does it only benefit the pimples covering my face?

  188. I don’t think people who drink Lipton or Arizona or Snapple ‘green tea’ really reap the rewards from it. It’s nasty tasting too - just artificially sweetened water with a hint of green tea taste. My good friend is Japanese, and she is horrified when someone attempts to sweeten their green tea. And don’t even think about putting creamer in it haha! In my opinion, the best green tea is the loose kind where you can literally smell the freshness. I usually by mine from a Japanese market because I’m kind of a green tea snob. So what?! Those folks know their tea lol! The green tea doesn’t need to be top of the line - just make sure you brew it at home.

  189. Yes i am Raza Golzari and i am totally agree with u guys ma mother has high blood pressure and some one suggested her to drink green tea she now has a normal blood pressure reading .

  190. and one thing more after every fatty or non fatty food drink 2 or 3 cups of green tea it helps digesting and removing colestrol from the food.and also remove gass

  191. I tried a cup Lipton green tea and really didn’tx like it. I usually love that brand but not the green tea. Anyway, I added a packet of Splenda and it was more tolerable. I did find another brand Bigelow Green Tea with Lemon. I drank that last night with no splenda and it tasted pretty good so that is what I will stick with. Anyway, just like a lot of things, you have to acquire a taste for it if you are not used to it. Different people have different ideas on how to make it go down. The best of course is to find a way without added sugar, aspartamine etc.

  192. I just started drinking Green Tea, Is it good to have green tea with milk? can anyone help me on this

  193. Green tea is definitely great for weight control. Helps keep me thin without excerise.

    Celestial Seasoning’s Decaf with Mint tastes pretty good.

    - Cherry


  195. green tea improved my sex life and i’m a lot “harder” now

  196. yea, thanks for your research. but to what extent does it really affect you? chinese medicine 99 percent of the time only does good things to your body. It is rarely as effeective as eastern drug though. However, in china, there is a category called “bao jian pin”. These are even more ineffective “helpers” that help support your body. green tea can be categorized as a “bao jian pin”. so maybe it helps a little, but i think that it has very limited effects. ty for info though!!!

  197. its a good tea becuse i drink it every day with exersie and now about 75 km befour i was 110 km thanks to allah

  198. Green tea may be a good solution for losing weight..

    But I have another good solution, Hoodia Gordonii plant..

    Just read this article to understand what I mean.

  199. I am reading these comments and I think it is important for people to know that the ONLY way to recieve any benefits of green tea is to buy loose tea leaves and a filter and BREW IT YOURSELF!!!!! Tea bags, no matter the brand, have no health benefits. If you feel they do I am sorry to say it is all in your head! You absolutely must brew it…a filter at Teavana is not expensive considering it will last forever…wholefoods mart sells loose leaf green Rishi tea for around 8 dollars…you must drink about 4-8 cups a day everyday for any benefits..the tea should be hot tea about 175 degrees… iced tea doesnt have as many benefits..two tablespoons of leaves can be used to brew different cups of tea all day because they are organic and potent. I hope people read this and take my word before spending their next 10 years drinking 1 cup or more of a tea bag tea every day!!!

  200. green tea is an awesome drin me and my mum is drinking it regularly and we both have feel many changes in us it also keep the skin fresh and young

  201. Green Tea is fabulous, I drink one Gree tea in the morning with breakfast, great for digestion, Def helps with rejuvination of the skin, u can drink it through out the day, With and after meals is the best. the best green tea i have came across is called ‘CLIPPER’ pure green tea, its great, u wont get the bitterness even if u over brew! also green tea is fabulous for gaining a flatter stomach combined with lower carbs, i also found foods with green tea extracts help u to lose inches… gareenteed i tested this for 5 weeks, i dropped 9kg of stubborn weight. and lost almost two dress sizes, :D

  202. i drink at least 10 cup of green tea every day

  203. omfg, i drink green tea everyday.
    since i started drinking it. it’s literally the
    only thing i drink. no pop, no water, no juice.
    just greentea. it’s soooo goooood(:

  204. Hi everyone… I came across this website and wanted to share my experience with green tea….I’m 28 and was diagnosed with what they call stage 0 cervical cancer…. I immediately started looking up how I could help with the treatment along with seeing an oncologist… after my gyn broke the news to me I had 8 weeks till my oncology appt…. I began drinking green tea four times a day after reading all the benefits….my results just came back from my oncologist and my cancer went from stage 0 to cin 2 which if u are familiar is a huge regression…..even the doctor was shocked…. They couldn’t believe how much my cervix had changed since the first time they noticed my cancer on a routine pap smear…. Call me crazy all u want but I am a firm believer in green tea and it’s benefits….. I will never go a day without it

  205. I lived in the Ukraine for 3 months (Airline pilot job contract). Tea is a staple and green was my daily fav. On a daily average I drank between 4-6 cups of green tea a day with a little bit of cream (not milk or half&half). Eating less (almost half of what I did in the US) + walking no more than 20 mins a day…..I lost 30lbs.!!!…………………………….Wait…heres the true reason.
    In the Ukraine there is no such thing as fast food…the only fast food in the entire country is McDonalds and they a far and few. I lived in Kiev and the closest MD’s was 35mins aways..NO SUCH THING AS KFC, Taco Bell, Carls/Hardies, El pollo Loco, Pizza Hut, Pollo Tropical, 5 Guys, In and Out, etc…
    When you go out to eat expect your meal to take no less then 20 mins to get to you, fresh and natural.

    So super long story short, I lost 30 lbs living & eating the way they do. I came back to the US and im ashamed and embarrassed to say i gained it all back in 2 months living the US dream and lifestyle.

    Im going to try and lose it again and try my hardest to do what I did in the Ukraine…all I need is discipline and a good prayer

  206. hello u guyz have a nice articel thanks for the benifts from now i will drink alot of green tea…….

  207. Simple & concise! I like it. Personally I have noticed that green tea helps fight against constipation also. That is why we remain slim and our skin glows.

  208. Is it better to drink the regular green tea, or the decaffenieted?

  209. by the way try to drink it without sugre it will be more healther i drink green tea sine 3 years , also it make your immune system stronger . drink green tea from 1-3 cups daily
    i won’t let you down :) .
    and have a healthy life

  210. It seems to me that a tea bag, is, a filter! and that once it is steeped, time, not temp, would be the predominate factor for potency (tea quality aside) and, wouldn\’ t 175 scald?

  211. I’d try drinking Premium Green Tea or a Chinese Brand with a little bit of sweetener in it (if you’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth). Lipton kind of does taste gross depending on what you put in it. Sometimes mixing in some honey helps to make it taste better. I actually lost 20 pounds when I started drinking green tea (last year) over a span of two months. I used to weigh 152 lbs at the height of 5′4, which by the way is not THAT fat, but it’s pretty damned chubby. It sucked majorly since I was in school and such, but yes, it does help you slim down and my doctors have noticed my bad cholesterol levels have started to decrease. :)

  212. At first, I did not like the taste and I could not get off black tea. Now? I love Lipton Green Tea. I have at least five cups a day, plain or with honey. I notice my skin is clearer and I am not actually losing a bit of weight. I feel really great!

  213. Sorry, that should have read (above). I am actually losing a bit of weight.

  214. Yes, and my cholesterol level lowered. Please if you are not drinking green tea, try somet now. Like I said, at the beginning, it won’t taste so good. When you have acquired a taste for green tea, you will be glad. I sampled the many brands and flavors that are on the market, until I found one that satisfied my taste buds. Ahhh, there is nothing like a nice warm cup of green tea. I cannot go without my green tea. I love drinking the pure green tea, instead of the decaf. I think you would benefit from the real stuff. Thank you for your time and please enjoy a cup of pure green tea, you will be glad you did. Shop around, until you find what you like. Love that green tea!!

  215. I’ve researched all properties of green tea and I understand that it’s a very useful drinking, I want to leave drinking of black tea and I want to drink green tea.

    I offer anybody to drink 3-4 cup of green tea, it’s very useful!!!

    No Worry Be Happy :)

  216. its relay very nice

  217. yeah but what kind of green tea, is turkey hill green tea with honey good for you to lose weight? or should i drink green tea without sugar or honey?

  218. Green tea with brown rice not roasted one are the best! I can drink this all day. You can buy it at local Asian store.

  219. How much green tea would it take to stop Alzheimer’s. I sure would like to know since my Mother is dying from it.

  220. now im sure that green tea is GREAT!

  221. after reading some of da comments im having my 1st cup of green tea but must say its not a lekke taste hey lol but with all da benifits will surely continue drinking it.

  222. i drink it without suger its more tasty than suger
    but first u wont like it, cause its very bitter , but you’ll get used to drink it without sugre.

  223. I am using the green tea as part of my quest to quit smoking and also to get healthy again. Had it for a month now and amazing the benefits I am gettin out of it. I feel healthier and my weight I have managed to maintain - should be free for everyone! As you all can see recommend green tea to all!

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  225. Try green tea made from China, but are sold at any local supermarket. i usually buy Bigelow (Asian-made). It is in a green box and has Chinese lettering on it..

  226. thanks for the info..
    it’s my 3rd day of drinking green tea..
    it’s a little bitter..
    hope to get used to its taste after a couple of weeks..

  227. this article really helps a lot…found the answer on why we should drink green tea. I’ve been drinking green tea for a few days but it’s an iced green tea called Jin ling ice green tea, i simply mixed it with cold water and put some lime and a bit of sugar it really taste nice. Althoguh i;m not sure if it’s the proper way of mixing it or do i have to pour in hot water first then cool it down?
    which is more beneficial having it hot or cold?


  228. I am actually drinking green tea right now, and I\’m so so glad i found this research, from now on I\’m going to drink green tea 3-4 times a day because my digestive system its crazy and i\’ve been getting stomach ache often and now that i know this i am pretty sure that green tea is going to help me cleanse my body…thank you soo much whoever did this research :)

  229. Hi All,
    I went to Dr.Batra for my hair fall problem and Dr recommended to drink green tea daily 2 or 3 times. after I read comments, one think I understood that every one praising about green tea, So, me too want tell the same, after I got benefits. I would like say best of luck for myself ,because I started to drink green tea today only…

  230. I’ve been drinking green tea for 3 days now and man coulnt feel more better…Although green tea do no taste good, just by knowing its benefits ill drink it with my eyes close.

  231. green tea makes me to be at alert any time i drink a cup or more, its geat!

  232. Green tea is liquid gold… I just love it and I have gotten all of my friends and family on it :-)

  233. There are no references in your post. Are we supposed to take your word for it that these things are true? And you’re grammar is awful. I will not be returning to this website.

  234. haha. me too!

  235. My doctor suggested me green tea to reduce hair loss.
    You may add this to the list of advantages of using green tea.

  236. Hello to all from Turkiye (Turkey),

    Firstly note that I am a heart attack survivor, I have had an heart attack early 2010..

    Green tea is very helpfull, I am 6 foot tall and had a weight problem, I started to drink Green Tea, increased my daily consumption of food from 1 times a day to 6 times a day (eating everything and anything Halal but trying to stay below 2200 calories) and with the help of 30 minutes walk a day (semi-fast, breaking a sweat), 2 times a week light/medium weight training have dropped from 250 pounds to 190 pounds in 4 months, with lowering of cholesterol.

    I consume around 3 to 8 cups of bagged Green Tea daily, usually local Turkish brands like Caykur, Dogadan and Dogus, depending on which supermarket I go shopping to and whats available in store. I’m not much concerned about the taste, infact I grew to like the bitter taste and dont use any other substance for flavoring or sweeting it.

    Besides weight loss I found the usage of multivitamins with Ginseng G115, a better diet and the low-stress activity (walking+light weight training) to increase my stamina, mental and physical durability & concentration.

    I feel healthier overall.

    Thanks to Allah for the benefits of nature and what nature naturally provides for us.

    Best Wishes to all.

    AllahsQuran dot com

  237. Does Green Tea have any connection to Sexy Subliminal messages

  238. green tea is amazing in the night fora relaxing sleep. i have been taking it without cream or sugar for 6 months now.super!

  239. is green tea and lime good for a woman over 40years loking for a child

  240. very great idea thanks to share ,Very useful icon sets, tweeted and saved on Delicious.

  241. i buy Bigelow organic green tea i love it.

  242. Drink it every day! You will love it.

  243. Will Green Tea make me to lose weight

  244. i have been drinking green tea when i started at the age 20.. its great and help me to lose weight.

  245. I am trying to switch to green tea from coffee. Hopefully this will help my digestive issues, similar to Kierstens. I have been experimenting with different ways to drink it at home:

    gluten and dairy free green tea latte recipe!

  246. I’ve recently replaced the gallons of coffee I drink everyday with green tea (the Twinings of London brand), and I’m feeling 100% better for it. Before I was tired, listless and low on energy, but now, thanks to the green tea, I’m feeling so much better in my own skin - which, incidentally, is looking clearer and feeling a lot smoother. I’m never going back!

  247. I’ve been drinking lipton green tea citrus for 2 days already, and I noticed it gave more energy when I workout! When I’m done with my workout I’m not even tired… GOOD STUFF so far :-)

  248. i hv started green tea now all people r saying that its good for loosing weight so i wl see da result after 3 or 4 months.thanksssssssssssssssssssss

  249. i tried it i feel good, the only problem i am facing is that i am getting lot of motions is there a problem ?

  250. Green tea, helps prevent constipation too, and its easier to drink than some fiber-drinks

  251. I hate tea and coffee but yesteday I when to my neighbours house telling her I was feeling very boloted as I was greedy and ate too much so she gave me green tea to try.
    I was surprised as I liked it, It tasted so good, I felt so great and now am hooked.

  252. I drink this, is it the same as regular green tea and does it have the same benefits?

  253. Had green tea for almost 3 years now, I had kidney stones, I completely got cure of any abnormal levels in my blood of proteins and leukocytes, etc, and also got rid of the kidney stones. not only that, but with the antioxidant content I haven’t got sick one single time over these 3 years

  254. Tks/ Heard about it many times but never tried. I am going to start immediately

  255. Tried green tea before but didnt take to it, they say if you keep drinking it you will develop a liking for it and get hooked so thats my plan right now!

  256. You’re a zillion times better off to drink green tea then a soft drink if you’re looking for a caffeine fix. There are many nutrients you get from drinking green tea over a pop/soda. Loose tea is the best way to get those nutrients into your system, where as that pre bottled (usually from the pop/soda brands) green tea with lemon flavor… not so much. Drinking green tea over a high fructose drink alternative will have HUGE health benefits, you’re not ingesting all those nasty simple sugars that your body can’t process properly (it’s already been processed).

    You may or may not directly see the benefits of green tea but at the end of the day you’re doing your body better by not drinking all the crap that put into most bottled drinks.

  257. Green tea helps me stomach ulcers and gastric. Also in digestion of food.

  258. Good for you. We want you around for a long time. Don’t let cancer beat you.

  259. I have been drinking green tea for over ten years, I drink about 4-5 cups daily. I don’t get sick and I haven’t had a cold in over ten years. I am a senior and my body is in excellent shape , slim, no wrinkles, outstanding energy. I do cycle spinning and is in my 9th week of P90X. I am a healthy, happy female. No myths about green - it’s the real thing.

  260. Green tea seems to give me a “viagra” affect. LOL, sorry if that offends you, but it seems to be true.

  261. add honey n lemon juice makes big difference

  262. Green tea is a good anti-oxident, drink it inplace of regular tea 2-3 times a day for 6 months and you will see a noticeable difference in the way you look and your energy levels will be high. Just ensure not to take it at night as at night you\’ve got to sleep and drinking tea will keep you awake.

  263. Although it is nice to think that there are so many benefits from one beverage, if you research properly, say by looking at the mayo clinic website you will see that for a lot of the benefits you have included, there are still no conclusive evidence that supports these claims and more research is needed to back these up. The only thing which is good, although out of the ordinary, on of the extracts from green tea is actually used in the treatment of the human papiloma virus…Genital warts.

  264. this is not mentioned in the article but green tea also relief depression, and I\’m very serious, I been taking heavy anti-depressants for months and felt no difference, I drinked 1 cup of green tea and just in seconds I could realy feel that my depression is slightly going away, I don\’t know how but all I want to say that this is my own true experience with green tea. it teachs me that we the humans living on this planet should love and respect the nature and the nature will give it\’s love back to us. peace!

  265. green tea is great for you and more and more people should be drinking it every day. The benefits are just stacking up more and more and we should really make this a usual drink in our diets. check out this site article on green tea

  266. Wow, great tips, it’s always great to know how we can benefit from drinking tea.

  267. I have been taking green tea for almost 2 months now, there was cone on my right feet which disappeared. I didnt do anything different other than adding gree tea to my diet. So i g uess it helped!

  268. I love green tea, and my whole family drinks it for the great health benefits! Thanks for the article!

  269. tell me the timings of drinking green tea ?can we drink green tea after meal or anyother time

  270. Green Tea is the best daily supplement in our day to day life…fantastic post…

  271. what kind of organic tea do you have .

  272. I have a question. Does anyone on here have thyroid disease? I was looking up about thyroid disease and it said something about drinking green tea to help give you energy. Does anyone know about thyroid disease and knows if green tea help with energy and weight loss?

  273. hi Farha.. where did u get the chinese green tea from.. could we find it in india?

  274. I’m a tea addict. I could never get through an entire day without a cup of freshly-brewed loose green tea. The smell alone is enough to make my mouth water and the delicious sensation of fresh hot tea sliding down my throat is something that I always take time to relish during my tea break. Green tea has tons of health benefits and is a great source of antioxidants. The ever increasing sale of green tea actually, is due to its ability to produce fat oxidation. This simply means that drinking green tea will act directly on your body to lessen your fats because of its natural oxidizing property.

  275. Good Article for spreading awareness.

  276. I have been drinking green tea for two weeks. I have noticed that not only did I lose weight, it relieved my stress level. I am in a happy & relaxing mood everyday. Prior I was easily depressed but that has all changed. I also have so much more energy, it amazing. Green tea is now a part of my daily routine.. I aim for at least 5 cups a day.

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  281. Love tea, but couldn’t stand the taste of green tea. Now I enjoy it, took some use getting used to… however, I did like green tea with jasmine, raspberry or strawberry at first. Mint with green tea I don’t like. But yeah I’ve lost weight and I think it helps with stress. :)

  282. Khan
    I really like to lose weight.. After reading all these comments I got inspiration that I should too try Green Tea for next few months. Because now I really do not hav time to go GYM and run.Please tell if any of you know what brand and place in Melbourne to get beneficial Green Tea bags.????

  283. really? Will Green Tea help that way too? I mean Will it work as Viagra!!! ??? I love to try then.

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    I just want to make sure with green tea there won\’ be any problem in fertility.I mean doesn\’t have any problem to woment to be pregnant.

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  288. I feel Addicted to Green tea

  289. For those who have bad skin try to boil a pot of water and put a few tea bags in and a warm towl and hold your face in the steam it opens your pores and really cleans and refreshes your skin :) just a little Tip I love Green Tea its yummy

  290. Thanks for the great article! I’m actually drinking green tea in my 1.6litre bottle now. Inspired by my elder brother(22) who actually looks younger than me(20) what the? What I know is he drinks green tea everyday, EVERYDAY that is. I started drinking since last month, energy boosting, best when I’ve to stay throughout the night for coming exams :D Without forming dark circle and eye bag! :D

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  292. I also haven’t been sick in years. I also do feel something coming on from time to time and then it goes away. Something is DEF working.

  293. i also started drinking green tea n i found much fresh and active during my working hours i found that it reduces weight as well n very very for health.

  294. i used to hate green tea until i got older, all these good things about green tea is true. it is very healthy.I lost 4 pounds in one month from drinking it.

  295. Could you pls suggest me, which brand is good?? now im using Lipton Green Tea with Lemon. Hot Green Tea or Cold Green Tea is good???
    Pls help me….

  296. Kirkland green tea is a good from costco.100 bags for 12.99. Its very good. It makes me go to the bathroom sometomes. Try it. It also comes in a nice fabric bag. Good luck!!

  297. I like the benefits of green tea and i want to start using from now but i dont want to loose my weight because it is approarite with my height, what shoul i do?

  298. I’ve been drinking green tea all goddamn day! I feel like I can punch a building in half!!!

  299. To get the full benefits of green tea, buy organic loose leaf green tea from a tea shop in your area (bags are blah). Steep it yourself for 2 or 3 minutes in not-quite boiling water, and enjoy. Drinking it with a bunch of sugar in it like coffee will only destroy the health benefits.

  300. I used to drink green tea here and there but after I learned it’s benefits, I made it my new years resolution to basically binge on it. I have 5 or more cups a day and I two weeks I slimmed down immensely and my skin is healthier than ever. I’ve had more energy at work and it’s made me a happier person overall. In fact, I’m drinking a mug of it right now.

  301. green tea is delicious only if you add sugar or honey :P last time it helped calm my period cramps. i heard it was really god for health,so im gonna drink it everyday from now on!

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  306. Which brand of green is the best?

  307. I have heard all these great thing about green tea and I have started to drink it to!!! Yay for green tea.
    I do have a question maybe someone can answer,, does it have the same effect if you put some honey it it? also there are different kinds of green tea which one is the best for helping weight loss??

    Thank you

  308. Drinking green tea as I speak….erm type. I love it, I have at least two to three glasses per day. Keeps me super teeny tiny and enerigzied, drug free happiness never looked so good.

  309. Also, KAYLA:

    You can put honey it but never milk, milk basically cancels out everything in it. My family are organic gurus, so you have a good statement right here.

    There are plenty of other teas, white and black are super good too, and there are so many other flavors added to just green tea, some have hints of mint, orange, lemon, decaf and so much more.

  310. I usually drink green tea during exercise :)
    it works! ive done that a few months ago, and my sisters said i got thinner;)
    But i stopped now, and i gained alllooot of pounds.
    Make sure you drink green tea after eating.

  311. A friend of mine who happens to be a renowned natural medicine practitioner in my city, recommended switching from normal black tea to Green tea to erase my stomach problems that I experienced for many years (I am lactose intolerant). He also recommended eliminating the three W’s, i.e. white sugar, white milk and white flour from my diet.

    Since drinking 3 cups a day of green day for about two months, I have reaped health benefits that have been significant enough for my family and friends to notice.

    I have lost body fat, whilst retaining lean muscle. My complexion seems a lot healthier, my hair quality is better and I feel a lot more energetic.

    As few people have already rightfully pointed out, in order to reap the health benefits of Green Tea, loose leaves must be used and NOT tea bags (as used by Lipton, Tetleys, Twinnings).

    Organic loose Green tea is the best and well worth it! Avoid using sugar at all, instead add organic honey with Black Seed (another miracle herb) and a hint of lemon for easing digestive problems.

    Black seed has been scientifically proven to demonstrate strong anti-bacterial, antioxident, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties which support its claims to be of medicinal value for various ailments. There was also interesting studies carried out which found that black cumin had inhibitory effects on carcagins and was also helpful for fighting tumours.

    You can try your local Asian store, otherwise, there are a number of sites that sell Organic Green Tea.

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    now,i want to know how to use green tea.

    milk or cold water which one is best

  315. I may starting drinking green tea, as an alternative to soft drinks :D .

  316. The ancient Chinese actually used tea as a medicinal herb even before it was enjoyed as a beverage.

    And, today scientific research has continued unabated into the wonders and health benefits of green tea. It seems that these benefits are so broadly conferred on many parts and aspects of the human body. Much of the researches and studies have been concentrated on the catechins polyphenols mainly the epigallocatechin gallate (egcg).

    Although I have been drinking green tea for several years now, it was only recently that I began to read these scientific reports on the benefits of green tea which caused me to have a deeper appreciation of this wonderful beverage.

    For example, on green tea and cancer, I read how ecgc in green tea restricts the mobility of malignant cells thus inhibiting metastasis (the spreading of cancer beyond its original localized area). Another is aiding in apoptosis of cancerous cells (ie. causing it to commit suicide).

    Experiments are still being carried out by scientists and probably in the near future we will see the polyphenols in green tea especially ecgc in the formulation of medication in the treatment of various diseases.

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  318. Green tea is very very very useful item to improve health as a slim nd smart body. I personely experienced its advantages. I eat so much food but using green tea with little amount of sugar nd I m slim nd smart after loosing weight of 30kg.

    I say it is best to use daily 5 cup minimum.

    Green tea is the best ever weight loosing exercise.

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  326. Does anyone know anything about Organo Gold green tea infused with reishi? I\’ve been drinking it on and off the past month it seems to be benefiting me. It isn\’t loose leaf tea, it is in the package but it is organic? What do you guys think?

  327. i took green tea with lime for just a month,my skin looks sweet and shiny and i lost 20kg .People around me where amazed on my weight loose and retaining a good shape ,my friends thought i went for a weight-loose injection to slim down but Lipton tea and lime did it all .I never believed until it happened.i wish all goodluck

  328. Many of the health benefits of tea come from EGCG, which is an extremely powerful natural antioxidant. Antioxidants work to rid your body of harmful free radicals, which can damage the cells in your body, reducing your lifespan and causing other illnesses like cancer. Free radicals are responsible for many of the effects of aging, and the aging process can therefore be slowed down by EGCG and tea. The EGCG in your tea can also help speed up your metabolism, giving you a better sense of well being and making it easier for you to lose weight and remain healthy over time.

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  359. Great article. Amazing Radamel! 1st comment was on Mar 2008, and comments are still coming after 3 years. This proves green tea is a solution to most health issues mentioned on your article.

    I just had a cup of Lipton Green Tea with Mint, but will definitely look out for those loose ones to get maximum benefits. I was convincing my husband to get on the Green Tea practice for a healthier life since he is overweight and a smoker. Inshalla, this can help me get thru my skin problems, stress and conceiving. I wish to hear from those who commented before and their results from drinking green tea. Hope those who can’t give appropriate comments are avoided. Love how they are ignored though!

    Will surely update u guys on our results. God luck and God bless u all!

  360. we Afghans drink it alot . specially me i drink two cups after breakfast two or more after lunch or more then three after dinner. we are addicted to it.

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  364. very nice article and research bravo!!!!!! i appreciate a lot.. by the way its very very true that green tea can prevent bad breath because i already try it.. but tooth decay i dont think so..toothbrushing and gargling, floosing is still better but with additional of green tea is best!!!!! to prevent tooth decay.. i also dont believe that green tea can have fat oxidation because i\’m fat dude i always drink i didnt slim my weight..but with exercise will do…tnx.


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  368. I just started drinking green tea. I did it because I am observing Lent this year nd I gave up everything I drink except for water nd tea. So I had decided to drink less black tea nd start to drink green tea. Since I started drinking it nd I get lipton green iced tea w/citrus I have lost 20 pounds in like 3 weeks. My skin has been a lot clearer too. But I think that’s cause of da green tea nd no pop or juice. I plan on drinking green tea everyday for da rest of my life now.

  369. Hi, I have just started to consume Green tea, i just wanted to know, can i consume 3 cups together in morning and repeat it in the evening also. kindly help!

  370. Totally agree with this article.

    Here’s a challenge for all of us who plan to make drinking green tea a habit of ours:

    We can share our observations :)

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  374. Will you be able to tell which brand you’ve been using? I’m suffering from Colitis since the last couple of years and your suggestions will be helpful. Thanks!

  375. I have been drinking green tea for a least 10 years. I can eat anything I want and not gain weight. People comment that I am aging very gracefully and find it hard to believe my age. I am not kidding!! Green Tea is for real!!

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