An Excellent Herbal Remedy for Diabetes

You can use aloe vera as a herbal remedy to control blood sugar and obesity. The treatment is especially effective if you extract the gel manually at home.

For over 6,000 years, aloe vera plants (Aloe barbadensis or Kumari in Sanskrit)  have been used around the world, from China to Egypt, as a healing agent. It is a cactus with succulent leaves and spines along the edges, broad at the base and pointed at the tips. The leaves are thick because they retain water by capturing water in an internal matrix of unique long-chain polysaccharides so that the plant can survive in dry, desert-like conditions. 

The healing gel-like pulp inside the Aloe is used in numerous health care products. The gel, which is 95% water, is a source of vitamins, minerals, sugars, enzymes used in the digestive system and contains 20 of the 22 amino amino acids for protein building.

Although the leaves resemble the cactus plant, Aloe is a part of the lily family and is an instant remedy for cuts, burns or wounds. The medicinal properties of the aloe vera plant are not just folkloric; scientific studies back many of the claims. 

Use of Aloe Vera as a Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity-related Inflammation

To study Aloe Vera’s efficacy, mice were fed a high-fat diet for 21 weeks, resulting in a 30% increase in body weight. The mice were then randomly separated into two groups. One group was given oral doses of Aloe Vera for 8 weeks, while continuing to consume the high-fat diet. The control group also continued to eat the high-fat diet, but was not given any Aloe Vera. the mice showed an increase in fat mass, made evident by an expansion in size of adipocytes (fat storing cells).

Three weeks after administering Aloe Vera to the first group of mice, fasting blood glucose levels in the test mice were reduced to normal. Following 8 weeks of treatment with Aloe Vera, liver and blood triglyceride levels showed a significant decrease, as did concentrations of plasma insulin.

Studies have proved that aloe vera is able to:

  • lower blood sugar levels
  • lower insulin levels
  • suppress inflammation of the adipose tissue and the liver that leads to obesity
  • increase the levels of anti-inflammatory cytokines (proteins that serve as messengers between cells and  regulate various inflammatory responses) in adipose tissue and the liver

Lophenol and cycloartanol, two natural compounds of aloe vera gel, help improve glucose and cholesterol levels in obese subjects suffering from diabetes.

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  1. I have not heard of this treatment. I am aware of the restorative properties of aloe on burns. Interesting. I will have to research further, this interests me - thanks.

  2. very good piece of work

  3. So nice of you Uma, though I am not diabetic but I’ve been diagnosed with PCOS years ago, because of which I had to keep myself to Metformin (something given to diabetic patients) on and off. How much gel to be taken?

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