Few High Altitude Sickness Prevention Tips

Few high altitude sickness prevention tips.

During the trip to high altitude places or mountain ranges like Breckenridge Colorado, many worry about the high altitude sickness. But experts say that few travellers really get affected by it although many fear it. If you are travelling Colorado, for example, during your one-two days stay in Breckenridge, you can get accustomed to the climate.

Please stay relaxed as that is the most important thing. Then follow these nice handy tips to avoid the much dreaded high altitude sickness.

1. Avoid catching cold before entering Breckenridge. Colorado as a state is itself cold and people tend to catch cold here. If already carrying a fever, health can deteriorate rapidly once there.

2. Sleep well on the night before entering there. It removes fatigue and recharges the cells. In Breckenridge condos, oxygen percentage is less and you need fresh cells to cope up with it.

3. Take it easy and slow and gradually get engaged in the activities. Give yourself time to get adjusted to the new climate.

4. You need more fluid to sustain in high altitudes so walk slowly and drink more. Walking fast means a faster metabolism which can lead to dehydration.

5. Please avoid consuming cigarettes or alcohol. Cigarette and alcohol creates breathing problems at high altitudes and makes people gasp for air.

6. Take carbohydrate rich food. Easy to digest foods keeps you healthy.

7. Due to less amount of oxygen, climb slowly and don’t tire your lungs.

8. Avoid sleeping pills or painkillers. Although these things can provide temporary relief, but at high altitude the side effects are strong, including vomiting and headache.

9. Keep some emergency medicines, as per the doctor’s prescription, in your handbag. It’s always better to prevent and prepare than to repent and repair.

Most of the time, the traveller is provided with an oxygen canister or bag. Furthermore, the tour guides and drivers are generally local guides who know where to go if things get awry and they are also trained well and experienced in handling emergency situations.

People with breathing and lungs related diseases like pneumonia, bronchitis, tracheitis, serious heart problem or continuous fever are advised not to travelling there as in such cold; the symptoms of these diseases amplify rapidly. You should actually take the suggestion of your doctor before deciding about the trip.

If kids are to travel with you then you must be extra careful and consult your doctor about the safety during the trip. However, it has been noticed that some kids adapt to high altitudes faster than the adults.
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