How to Get a Six Pack of Abs

This is a complete plan to get a six pack of abs fast!

Having surfer-like washboard Abdominals is a much desired thing in fitness. Even people who don’t care for fitness or even their own health want a six pack to attract the opposite sex… or just to look hot and block gut punches from bullies. But acquiring a six pack isn’t always easy… Especially if you start out with a birthday cake as a barrier to looking like you care about yourself.

    I’ll go over what you can do to burn belly fat and have a six pack of your very own!

    First; watch your diet. You can read more on diets here:   Then the exercises. Old fashioned crunches work, but incorporating new exercise will push you closer to your goal, here’s a list of them;

    Pull ups: Yes, pull ups. Traditionally pull ups only worked your biceps and Lats… But people were wrong; they also work your abdominals as well. Doing a 5X5 routine with pull ups three times a week with your other exercises will give you a great head start in getting a six pack! You’ll also develop a great size and strength in your arms, too.

    Leg Raises: This exercise works the lower abdominals. Lie on your bed with your legs hanging off, than hold onto the bed and raise your legs up as high as you can with them touching. Do 10-12 reps with 2 sets in each one of your abdominal workouts.

    Hanging sit ups: if you have a bar to do Chin ups on, throw in hanging sit ups with your routine. This will really put a burn to your stomach and burn loads of fat… while building up your abdominal muscles. If you are not strong enough for this or you don’t own a bar on which to do so, replace them with regular crunches and sit ups. (You can also elevate your feet while doing sit ups or crunches; this will give you a better set)

    Fallow this exercise plan along with your diet and you’ll get a six pack within a month guaranteed! Diet and rest are a critical part in your training. Keep them both in mind when trying to get in shape, even if you’re just trying to get a six pack!

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